Kiddush. The Best Meal of the Week!

What Does Kiddush Look Like in Your Shul?

Does your shul have a great kiddush? Write it up and if we publish your story you will win a 50 shekel coupon at the eLuna restaurant of your choice.

Submitted by Efrem Litwin,January 2023

Shir Hadash is at located at #1 Yakov Rubin Street, which is off of Tsvi Graetz Street, overlooking the beautiful “Moon Grove” Parkland on the border of the German Colony and Talbiya neighborhoods of Jerusalem.

The Shul is led by Rabbi Ian Pear and is geared to an English-speaking population.
On Shabbat morning, Shul starts at 8:45AM with a Kiddush following.

It’s been my tradition to attend the Shul that has the best Kiddush. Shir Hadash meets that criterion.

There are a variety of types of food that I have seen at a Shir Hadash Kiddush:
1/ Yerushalmi Kugel, Potato Kugel
2/ Cholent made by Rabbi Pear himself. Both Meat and Vegetarian.
3/ Chicken nuggets, Moroccan cigars, Kibbeh
4/ Shnitzel, Chicken, Deli slices, Hotdogs, Veggie Hotdogs, Hamburgers
5/ All types of salads
6/ Lasagna, Baked Ziti, Eggplant Parmesan
7/ Quiches of all types
8/ Cakes and mini-Danishes/Rugelach

The people of the Shir Hadash community sponsor Kiddushes for a variety of reasons.
For example, Yahrzeits, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Aufrufs, Birthdays, Visitors just happy being back in Israel.

So, if you’re in the mood for a great Shabbat morning atmosphere with a great Kiddush, Shir Hadash is the place to be.
Shir Hadash, 1 Yaakov Rubin St., Jerusalem

The writer chose to use his 50 shekel gift at Cafe Rimon on the Midrachov, Jerusalem.

J .F .K .
Submitted by Benjie Aziz. January 2023

JFK –Some of us connect these letters to a US president assassinated almost 60 years ago. Others will connect with New York’s largest airport. But among today’s Shule goers jargon JFK has a different meaning:

Q. Will I see you in Shule on Shabbat?
A. JFK- Just for Kiddush!

In our Beit Knesset in Efrat ,Kiddush is an opportunity for neighbors to get together and leisurely catch up with people they live near but don’t have time to chat with during the week.

At a Kiddush chatting usually occurs with something edible in your hand. There are simple kiddushim and upper tier kiddushim. A good Kiddush will have a variety of herring, a choice of cakes and biscuits and , usually two hot kugels- potato and Yerushalmi.

Don’t forget the booze- I once organized a Kiddush and forgot the whiskey. I was blacklisted for a long time.
A Kiddush- whatever is served – is an important function for neighbors to meet , greet & eat.
See you in Shule? JFK!

Benjie Aziz is a Licensed Real Estate Agent.

An Early Morning Dairy Kiddush. Submitted by Chaya B. Grodner Kfar Adumim. February 2023

When I host the kiddush, which will again be on Parshat Trumah, in honor of our 39th anniversary of Aliyah, I serve the following:

• Homemade herring in cream sauce
• Gefilte Fish with horseradish
• Crackers
• Crudites with dips including humus and tehina
• Assorted cheeses
• Assorted nuts
• Sliced seasonal fruit (probably pineapple and strawberries)
• 2 cakes
• Goodies for the kids
• Wine, of course

I generally stay away from any hot food, such as any type of kugel or borekasim.
Remember, our kiddush is after the first minyan at about 8:30 am. The above menu seems to satisfy everyone.

Paticipation is compulsory at this kiddush. Submitted by Jul Kornbluth. February 2023

I think our Kiddush in Khal Chassidim in Jerusalem is unique. It follows immediately after the end of the service. It is a Vasikin service, so extremely early. Ie sunrise.

This last week we got to the Kiddush at 7.30am. First thing is that the Gabbai announces that participation is compulsory.

The Kiddush is milki. Chream cheese cakes, chokomilk and cold Schokolade. But also hot parve chulent - with Kishke and jerusalemi Kiegel. All topped off with 2-3 types of herring salads and crackers. And a great selection of whisky’s, brandy and Cointreau. Yummy.

One drawback we have to finish before 8.15 when the next minyan starts.

Chabad, Scottsdale Arizona
Our son and his family live in Scottsdale Arizona. That is what brings us to Scottsdale at least once a year. When there, we davin at the Chabad on Scottsdale Rd. The shul is one of three kosher/Jewish store fronts situated next to each other in an open air shopping center: kosher restaurant, Jewish articles shop, and the shul.

Rabbi Levertov runs a tight ship. Shacharit Shabbat morning starts at 9:30am and no matter what, the service ends at 12noon. With precision, a kiddush is set up on the tables in the women’s section. The menu is parve cholent, salads, cake, some nasherai, and if someone has a birthday, they often sponsor additional cupcakes at the kiddush.

But the menu and the food itself is not the thing. The kiddush offers the very important opportunity for Jews to socialize and to feel a community.

Nothing brings people together like eating together, and the kiddush does just that. People mull around the buffet in conversation and some sit together at the tables. The social aspect of the kiddush and the company of Jews, is critical for maintaining Jewish identity in the areas outside the main Jewish population centers.

Chabad, Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale Arizona