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About Family Restaurants
Eating out can be a family adventure. Here are some eLuna restaurants that we recommend for family outings. Some of these restaurants have a section on the menu for children. Other restaurants create adult dishes in child sizes. Others offer entertainment geared towards children. What a way to cultivate young palates and young minds.

Many of these restaurants are also soft on the pocketbook so that you feel comfortable bringing the whole family. Please let us know if you find other eLuna restaurants on our lists that work for families.

Aresto - At the Port, Caesarea 04-6363456
Aresto is a beautiful, well-designed restaurant with stylish furniture including white sofas and leather armchairs. You can sit on the porch that looks out over the ocean or the porch that looks out on a lawn. It’s best to go there at night, when the entire place is awash in romantic lights.

Aresto Restaurant presents a delicious dairy menu with fish and specialty dishes.

Five Towns
Haroeh BaCafe - Haroeh BaCafe, Five Towns 04-6251451
Haroeh BaCafe is a lovely dairy restaurant in rural Kfar Haroeh. Dine in a beautifully landscaped garden, or in the recently expanded and renovated indoor space.

Haroeh BaCafe offers a variety of salads, pastas, fish dishes, sandwiches, breakfasts and dinner meals, and amazing desserts. You will enjoy a visit to this excellent professionally run restaurant.

Brisket - Route 4, Sonol Gas Station, Hadera 079-5595160
Brisket restaurant specializes in smoked meat. Owner Ohad bought and imported professional meat smokers to Hadera. The combination of professional equipment and a professional meat chef make this one of the specialty restaurants in Israel. Brisket is located in a gas station on highway 4 in Hadera. In Israel some of the best restaurants are in gas stations. A restaurant this unique brings diners from all over the country. And they will agree that it is worth the trip to Hadera. Brisket has no need for a fancy d?cor. The smoked meat tells the story.
Cafe Rimon - Luntz St off the Midrachov, Jerusalem 1599501030
Located on Luntz Street just off the Ben-Yehuda midrachov, find the delicious dairy Cafe Rimon. This spacious restaurant is open around the clock, except Shabbat and chagim. The restaurant has something for everybody. It is perfect for every event and occasion with both delicious food and plenty to choose from. Whether you like Shakshuka in the morning, a bream fish entree at a business lunch, or Ravioli for dinner, Cafe Rimon can deliver.

With its convenient location, beautiful interior, and creative tantalizing food Cafe Rimon is sure to be a favorite stop whenever your in Jerusalem.
Denya Cafe Givat Shaul - 35 Kanfei Nesharim, Jerusalem 02-6475553
Denya Cafe's second branch is in Givat Shaul. This is a pleasant cafe/restaurant with a full menu. We consider Denya a restaurant more than a cafe because it offers such a full choice of dishes. There are pasta dishes, salads, pizza and focaccia, as well as several fish dishes. You will be greeted warmly whether you are there for just a drink or for a full meal. But whatever you choose, don't miss the smoothies. Cafe Denya and Katzefet, the ice cream parlor next door, go hand in hand.
Greg Cafe Mamila - Mamila Mall, Jerusalem 054-957-7766
Greg Cafe is a dairy restaurant on the second floor of the Mamila mall. The atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable, the food is good and the service is exceptional. The menu offers breakfasts, salads, sandwiches, Italian dishes, lunch, vegan dishes, health drinks, wine, and alcohol.

In addition to standard dairy dishes, Greg offers something special in each category. There are a large number of vegan dishes. Asian dishes appear in various sections.
Joy Bistro - 13 Mamila, Jerusalem 02-5020555
Joy Bistro restaurant in the Mamila mall is a good, moderately priced family-style meat restaurant. The Joy Bistro menu is a combination of Israeli-style food, European classic and Mediterranean style foods.

When you visit the mall, this is the place to stop for great burgers, grilled meat and fish specialties. Mamila does not bring people to Joy. Joy Bistro brings the traffic to Mamila. People come for this great restaurant, and enJOY the rest of the sights.

Luciana Mamila - 8 Mamila, Jerusalem 02-5021000
Luciana at Mamila is a quality Italian dairy restaurant. The charming restaurant design puts you in a quaint Italian street scene, with trees, outdoor lamps, and paths. The Italian menu offers high end fish dishes and excellent Italian pastas and specialty dishes. Portions are generous and filling. Desserts are the calling card at Luciana Mamila. Pastries are displayed in a glass case at the entrance, reminding you what is waiting for you.

The theme of the restaurant many be Italian, but the view is classic Jerusalem. Luciana at Mamila has one of the great views of the walls of the old city, in Jerusalem.

Pompidou - 27 Emek Refaim, Jerusalem 02-6251111
Pompidou is a Bistro dairy restaurant and Bar on Emek Refaim. The restaurant features a dairy menu with a good selection of drinks. The restaurant offers an Italian menu with an esthetic French style atmosphere.

Enjoy mornings with a Pompidou Omelette, or Shakshouka or an unusual Risotto breakfast made with fresh cream, cinnamon, raisins and almonds. For lunch Italian bruschettas and focaccias, delicious salads, sandwiches, pasta and pizza. The specials include lasagna, ravioli, and cheese platter including a variety of aged cheeses.

The desserts are excellent as is the great Italian coffee.

Tommys - 21 HaKeren HaKayemet, Jerusalem 02-650807
Burgers, Meat and chicken sandiches, salads, kebabs, sloppy joe, kids menu.
Kashrut: Mehadrin Rav Machpud
Delivery Available
Waffle Bar_Eshkol - 7 Paran St., shopping center, Jerusalem 1-700-701-775
Waffle Bar in Ramat Eshkol is a dairy restaurant/coffee bar with excellent dairy dishes and desserts to satisfy you sweet tooth. You will find many tasty dairy staples like pasta in cream sauce with two different kinds of cheese. The café specializes in desserts like Belgian Waffles and French crepes, with all of the toppings and sauces.

There is not much seating inside the restaurant but there are a good number of tables and comfortable seating outside with umbrellas for shade.

Waffle Factory Cinema - Cinema City, Jerusalem 1599-565758
The Waffle Factory is an upmarket dairy/dessert restaurant offering quality products. Waffle Factory is an upgraded waffle restaurant with a large menu and delicious foods. The newest branch of Waffle Factory is located in Cinema City. The restaurant is new and spacious, and is a pleasant dining experience.

Oh the waffles! All waffles are topped with a scoop of Ben & Jerrys ice cream and whipped cream. In fact you can choose from a wide selection of Ben & Jerrys flavors.

Zalman's - 3 Lunz St, Jerusalem 058-799-9457
Zalman's Street Food Restaurant offers a variety of chef sausages made from 100% quality meat. Hot dogs come in soft melt-in-your-mouth rolls and are served alongside crispy chips - Chips and onlion rings are made separately from the meat so they are parve. Stop in for an American hot dog. The only thing missing is the baseball game.
Beef Bar Steak House - 8 Beni Gaon St, Netanya 09-8657772
As its name suggests, Beef Bar is not for vegetarians. There are 10 different kinds of steak and 9 kinds of burgers. There are also some chicken and one salmon alternative - a slight nod to non-beef eaters. The meat is mostly from Ramat Hagolan. The kashrut accommodates the full spectrum: Mehadrin Bet Yosef, Rav Mahfud or Rav Mazufi.

Beef Bar is your go-to restaurant for unabashed huge portions ranging from 200 grams and up, with 300 grams the default portion size. Burgers range from 160 grams to 1 and 2 kilo!

If you are up to it, take the "Beef Bar Challenge." Finish the 2 kilo burger (including the roll) and your meal is on the house. There will be fanfare - a gong, a procession of waiters, and a bucket of fries poured over the platter. Winners get a T-shirt and hat (size XL I assume).

Beef Bar Steak House is located in a shopping center behind Ikea. This is a spacious restaurant with 50 seats on a private patio and a VIP room for 12 guests.
Dudes - 4 Karminyan St, Netanya 09-765-3110
In the unofficial eLuna competition for the best burger in Israel, Dudes wins. This rustic, young-at-heart eatery is located on a narrow side street in downtown Netanya. Proprietor Daniel Raymond, with the equivalent of an Ivy League education in the Culinary Arts, has focused his talents on elevating the lowly burger to an art form.

The first secret is in the fresh meat, never frozen, delivered from the Golan Heights three times a week and ground twice a day. Then there is the secret sauce where the meat is marinated. Then there are the 5 unique sauces that come to your table with your burger. But the biggest secret is the restaurant’s location. But when you find it, you'll find a pay parking lot next door.


Karminyan St 4, Netanya
Tel: 09-765-3110
Jony Forno - 2 Gad Machnes, Netanya 077-8047844
To visit Jony Forno Restaurant is to experience the best of Netanya. The restaurant is just off Haatzmaut square, the center of downtown Netanya. All the seating is outdoors facing the Netanya boardwalk, enclosed in the winter. This is the place to be for people watching, and the sea beyond for relaxing.

The restaurant offers a full Italian menu including pizzas, pasta dishes, salads, fish and other Italian comfort foods. The starter menu includes some of our favorites - Risotto with parmesan cheese, Arancini and salmon carpaccio. The Burrata is the show stopper of the menu. This is a ball of mozarella cheese filled with a creamy mixture. The Jony Forno Burrata is served on a platter of tomatoes, olives and peppers. When you pierce the Burrata, the cheese and tomatoes mix together for a delicious sauce. Not to be missed.
Black_Big Mall - 72 Jabotinsky, Petach-Tikva 03-7780777
Shop till you drop at Petach Tikva's Big Mall on Jabotinsky Street. Then recharge your energies at the kosher Black Restaurant on the lower level of the mall. Enjoy a variety of burgers, meat dishes, with chips. All of these are a natural with a glass of beer from the full restaurant bar. It is the toppings that make the burger, and there is no shortage of options. Cannot decide? Take a page from the recommendations on the menu.

Vegetarians will enjoy the veggie burgers, parve salads and many other dishes. Gluten-free diners are not left out. There are even gluten-free rolls.

Bleecker Bakery Petach Tikva - 17 Yitzchak Rabin, Yachin Center, Petach-Tikva 03-923-4000
A visit to Bleecker Bakery in the Yachin Center, Petach Tikva is just so easy, There is plenty of parking. Plenty of seating and an endless menu (Hebrew and English) of full meals and light dishes. So Bleecker Bakery in the Yachin Center has become our go-to dairy restaurant.

We have stopped in for a snack, a shared order of toasties and shakes. Other times we have had more substantial meals. No judgement here. The service was just as good when our bill was 100 shekels as when it was more than double that.
Entrecote - 28 A.D.Gordon, Petach-Tikva 03-9342510

The new Entrecote Grill House Restaurant is a fresh and new dining experience. Under new management the dining area has been redesigned and is now a wide-open space with decorative lattice partitions between tables. There is new comfortable furniture, light fixtures, and wall decorations.

At the heart of the menu are the grilled meats. There is a wide selection ranging from burgers and pargit to specialty meats grilled over coals. Under "Hot Grill" you will find chicken wings and pargit, etc., sausage, and more. The "Steak House" section lists higher end steak cuts priced by weight, and lamb chops.  The "Chef’s Recipes" section lists some of the family’s Caucasian dishes, as well as the Israeli favorites: chicken schnitzel, chicken livers and hamburgers.

Landwer Restaurant PT - 72 Jabotinsky, The Big Mall, Petach-Tikva 03- 9222692
Landwer is a circular restaurant occupying the space on the first floor in the center atrium of the mall. The restaurant is in the pocket between the Superpharm, Zara and Laline anchor stores. Seating is pleasant, service is prompt and courteous. There is plenty of foot traffic around the circle. The restaurant suggests that diners share several dishes from the menu so that each diner can enjoy a taste of several different dishes. Taking his lead, we shared a starter, a pasta and a fish dish.

Landwer is in the process of transitioning to a new menu designed by Chef Yahaloma. The classic dishes remain on the menu plus there are several new dishes. Don't miss the Landwer drinks and the desserts. These are the Landwer's specialties. We had an amazing ice cream based shake on their summer shake menu. I am hoping that they extend that menu throughout the year.

Ruben Petach Tikva - 36 Shacham, Petach-Tikva 03-7153767
Ruben is a chain of kosher meat restaurants. It is best known for its burgers and smoked meat sandwiches. But don't think that Rubin is just a burger restaurant. The most popular menu items are indeed the burgers in a variety of shapes and sizes. But there are also other high-end meats that you should not miss.

Ruben burgers range from the classic to the specialty concept burgers. They all come in various sizes, with single and double patties and a variety of add-ons. The classic burgers are the most basic and least expensive. You can soup these up with additional vegetables and meats.

At my most recent visit to Ruben Petach Tikva, I raised the ante and indulged in the Ruben Spare Rib platter, the Rubens' flagship dish. I was pleasantly surprised to find such a delicious meat dish at a hamburger restaurant.
B12 - 124 Ahuza, Ra'anana :09-8825559
Sasha - 35 Sasha Argov St, Ra'anana 09-0747965
Sasha is a charming dairy neighborhood cafe/restaurant in Neve Zemer. The restaurant has light and cheerful indoor seating and outdooor seating facing gushing fountains. The menu starts with light or full breakfasts, and goes on to salads, sandwiches, pasta dishes, pizzas and more. For a full meal, Sasha offers salmon dishes and denise. You don't want to miss the desserts at this lovely dairy restaurant.

The beautiful display of pastries and flowers that you can purchase for home adds to the charming atmosphere of this restaurant.
Rosh Hanikra
Hatzok - Rosh Hanikra, Rosh Hanikra 04-6016849
Hatzok "The Cliff" is a kosher chef restaurant at Rosh Hanikra, Israel's northern most location on the Mediterranean coast. Aptly named, Hatzok restaurant is in a tourist center on the cliffs with a spectacular view and a pleasant modern interior.

Hatzok Restaurant offers a fine Mediterranean-style menu featuring a variety of meat, fish and vegetarian dishes, Maor and Eric use only the freshest raw ingredients to create a rich variety of high level dishes. Your visit to Hatzok restaurant will be unique, adventuresome and a rewarding culinary experience.

Bakers - 3 Nafcha St, Tel-Aviv/Jaffa 03-6771770
Baker’s is a French patisserie in the heart of Tel Aviv, specializing in yummy breads, baguettes, pastries and croissants. These beautiful delectables are handmade, in house, under the baton of pastry chef and restaurant partner Alex.

French folks from far and wide flock to Baker’s Patisserie for the real thing. Time Out Tel Aviv magazine numbers Baker’s among the 10 best patisseries in Tel Aviv, kosher and non-kosher. Achbar Hair called Baker’s the best croissants in Tel Aviv. Click here for more info.

Hungarian Blintzes - 35 Yirmiyahu St., Tel-Aviv/Jaffa 03-6050674
Hungarian Blintzes is a specialty restaurant for just that - Hungarian style blintzes.

What makes them Hungarian?
How about the old-world decor, with colorful hand-decorated tablecloths, or the generous use of Paprika, the Hungarian spice. Dozens of strains of paprika are grown in Hungary and exported to the world.

How about goulash blintzes (dairy)? Top these off with cheese or cream.

Enjoy soup and veggie blintzes for your main course and hot or cold sweet blintzes dessert. This is a family-friendly restaurant with reasonable prices and generous portions. Great for sharing.

La Lasagna - 177 Dizengoff St, Tel-Aviv/Jaffa 03-5230037
Talk about authentic! At La Lasagna you can enjoy delicious dishes, rich in Mediterranean flavors and full of Italian secrets. You can enjoy this great authentic Italian experience in the heart of Tel Aviv. In addition to great food, La Lasagna offers a warm and welcoming, relaxed and informal environment.

Lasagna may be the namesake, but the restaurant offers many other Italian dishes. There is pasta with sauces, and delicious looking pizza. Don't hesitate to take your children to La Lasagna which is a great family restaurant.

Paradiso Sarona Cafe - Sarona, Tel-Aviv/Jaffa 03-5227673
The kosher Paradiso Sarona Cafe stands out among the other Sarona eateries, as it is one of the only restaurants with a kashrut certification. The restaurant is located on the periphery of the Sarona campus, away from the hub-hub of the restaurants in the center of the campus.

Paradiso Sarona Cafe offered a pleasant respite when you visit Sarona. The cafe offers a variety of dairy dishes, from breakfast through pasta meals, pizza and sandwiches. It is perfect for a light snack, a light dairy dinner or a full fish meal. Bring the kids. There is something for everyone.

Zichron Yaakov
Nili Wine House - 43 Hameyasdim St, Zichron Yaakov 04-6292899
Nili Wine Bar and Restaurant is one of the most inviting restaurants on the midrachov - the central pedestrian mall of Zichron Yaakov. Nili attracts a variety of customers and everyone will feel comfortable.

Breakfast is served from 8 till 12 noon. A separate full dairy menu is available only from 12:30pm. The breakfast menu offers 3 varieties of shakshuka, two breakfast combinations with eggs, salads, grains, breads, coffee and drinks of different types. That's what I call breakfast.

At 12:30 Nili opens their full dairy menu of dishes for lunch and the rest of the day/night. This includes a long list of dairy specialties and lovely sushi as well.