Restaurants with Entertainment Restaurants

Beer Bazaar - 3 Etz Hayyim St., Jerusalem 02-6712559
99 Bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer. And all of them come from Israeli breweries and all are available at Beer Bazaar. In addition to the full selection of beer, free tastings, and delicious food, there is live musical entertainment several evenings a week.

During the day Beer Bazaar is a cozy, intimate beer garden. At night tables and chairs spill into the market. Live music begins at 9pm on certain nights. Prices range with something for everyone.

Beer Bazaar has an enticing one page menu of meat and vegetarian foods, including nash, sandwiches, and a couple of sweet desserts. Foods are prepared with fresh, local market ingredients, after all, the restaurant is in the market.
Blue Hall Music - 12 Yoel Solomon, Jerusalem 02-6256488
Blue Hall Music Restaurant is a welcome addition to the new Music Square on Nachalat Shiva. Blue Hall is a swanky meat bar/restaurant with live music. It is located one floor below ground, reminiscent of a speak-easy of yore. and the felling is of brightly lit caves. Live music begins every night at 9pm.

Enjoy delicious high end meat and fish dishes such as Blue Hall Sausages, Stuffed Lamb Skewers, Entrecotes Steak, Beef Fillet Medallions, Salmon Fillet, and the crowning Chateau Briand (for two).
Gourmandises - 10 Yoel Moshe Solomon, Jerusalem 02-5667222
At Gourmandises you will enjoy the best of the French culinary tradition. The French proprietors and chefs have done a great job designing the restaurant itself, the menu and the tip-top execution of its dishes. The nicely balanced and thoughtfully designed menu reflects the musical theme of the restaurant’s location.

Gourmandises offers the very best of French food prepared with precision and love, served by well trained and friendly staff in an absolutely charming environment. The calling card of this restaurant is their amazing cakes and desserts. Step in for coffee and cake, or enjoy a full meal.

Piccolino - 12 Yoel Moshe Solomon, Jerusalem 02-6244186
Piccolino is a downtown Jerusalem restaurant, in Music Square, off Nachalat Shiva. The restaurant has the signature Jerusalem architectural elements such as stone walls and arches. The owners of the restaurant created this lovely space from a formerly abandoned building. Blessed are those who rebuild Jerusalem.

Piccolino restaurant offers a delicious dairy Italian menu. Music is the theme of the menu. Start your morning with Buongiorno breakfast. Choose from the Do Re Mi Shakshuka, the Pavaroti full breakfast or Tarantella breakfast. Got the idea?
The menu continues using the musical metaphor, with dishes from the Overture section the Intermezzo, Concerto, the Sonata section and the Fugue. Whatever you do, be sure to stay for the Finale.
Jems - 15 Hamagshimim St, Petach-Tikva 03-9195367
Meet the latest thing in dining and entertainment: Jem's in Kiryat Matalon, Petach Tikvah. Jem's is the all the rage. A brewery and a meat restaurant all in one, Jem's is the most "in" place today. The tasting menu has nothing to do with food - it is a selection of different types of beer, all brewed on premises. Enjoy these with nishnushim or with a full and delicious meat or fish meal.

Waiting for a table almost provides as much entertainment as the meal itself. Have a brew at the van outside or pick up a ball and shoot some hoops. Either way once you get inside you will not be disappointed. The food is wonderful and the suds are fresh, so head out to Jem’s for a great night out.

Curryliinas - 32 Habarzel St, Tel-Aviv/Jaffa 03-6722709
Curryliina's is a beautiful invested venue in Tel Aviv's Ramat Hahayal tech park. The unique Anglo-Indian cuisine, popular in Britain, was missing from the Israeli culinary scene till restaurature Karolina and her Indian star chef came along and worked kitchen miracles creating a kosher mehadrin version of his cuisine.

The restaurant has a diverse menu with grilled meats alongside traditional Indian dishes. There are so many options it is best to either order many dishes or bring friends and share.

Shabbat meals can be ordered for delivered to locations in central Israel. Described as a curry restaurant, you will enjoy a rich selection of Indian flavors including Poppadums (crackers made of chickpea flour), nine kinds of curry ranging from the sweet to the spicy-hot, with and without meat, vegetable curries, and three kinds of rice: Plain, Pillau and Lemon. Dishes are available with meat or without.