Steak House Restaurants

Israeli Steakhouse Restaurants
The Steakiya is a classic Mediterranean grill meat restaurant. This model was once the most common restaurant type in Israel.
These days you have to search between all the high end restaurants to find a simple, family style grill restaurant. This list will help direct you to the best kosher grill restaurants in Israel.

Start with a table full of salads served with fresh hot pitot baked in a taboun oven or roasted on the grill. Nothing is as good as those pitot, thin and crusty with burned spots where the dough touches the oven. Salads usually include tahina, tabouli, carrot salad, and in many restaurants a more exotic selection. These opening salads and pitot are often included in the price with your main course. There is a nominal fee for diners having just the salads without a main course.

Main courses are a list of grilled meats. Some are on skewers and some are whole meat fillets grilled on the fire. The main courses are served with a side dish of grilled vegetables or chips.

koya Ceasarea - 13 Shoham St, Caesarea 04-6273005
Koya is a pleasant family meat restaurant with an informal yet stylish interior. The food and the service are both above average, and the portions are extremely generous. They call this a diner, but with those portions we call it a Fresser.

The Shnitzel main course includes two large breaded crispy shnitzels served with a generous glob of mashed potatoes. The shnitzels are so large you may not be able to eat both of them. The entrecote hamburger served on a large roll, came with a heaping mountain of fried onions. Donor is a Turkish dish, which included strips of grilled Angus beef served with Chimichuri or techina sauce.

Papagaio Prime - Arena Mall, Herzelia 09-9564000
Papagaio Prime in the Herzlia Arena mall is the newest restaurant in the chain. This vintage Brazilian style restaurant offers the meaty tasting menu that made Papagaio famous. This branch specializes in the Juntos meal, ordered by weight. You can have either an 800 gram or a 1200 gram platter of sizzling meats brought to the center of the table to share. Wow.

Enjoy a spectacular view of the boat marina while you enjoy the terrific Papagaio foods.The ease of access and beautiful location makes Papagaio Prime a favorite.

Grill Bar - 1 HaSoreg St, Jerusalem 02-6223761
Grill Bar is on the corner of Rechov Hasoreg and Rivlin St. Grill Bar, a beautifully designed space: classy, modern and airy with fine food.

The starter includes no less than 12 house salads accompanied by pita straight from the oven. Folllow these with your choice from a huge selection of shipudim (skewers) and grilled meats – chicken, beef entrecote, lamb chops. All are equally succulent and nicely seasoned. The desserts are equally delicious. Let Grill Bar spoil you. Mehadrin.

Hashipudia - 5 Haarmonim St, Jerusalem 02-6254036
Hatzot - 121 Agripas, Jerusalem 02-6244014
Hatzot is a kosher Jerusalem steak house, that is part of Jerusalem's history. This landmark family restaurant was founded in 1970, in what was then, the center of Jerusalem. The second generation Ajamis renovated, updated, and modernized the restaurant while retaining the retro feel. The Middle Eastern flare still remains and of course the delicious food. Hatzot is a favorite with folks who enjoy a good Israeli steak-house.
Mike's Place - 33 Yaffo St, Jerusalem 054-7991220
The only kosher branch in the renown chain, Mike’s Place is the epitome of the American sports bar. Great food, great people and all the high def TVs you can handle.

Come to Mike's Place to enjoy sports events broadcast on huge screens via satelite. Come other times for great music, live entertainment, acoustic shows, open mic night, jam sessions, live bands and great food and drink.

Papagaio_jerusalem - 3 Yad Harutzim St, Jerusalem 02-6745745

The Papagaio restaurant chain, one of the most amazing South American grill restaurants in Israel, has opened several kosher branch restaurants throughout Israel, and now in Jerusalem.

Visit Papagaio for their Brazilian menu of grilled meats in abundance. Enjoy salads, a meaty starter and then 7 different types of amazing meats, straight from the grill.

Take as much as you want. There is always more. Want to make the waiter happy? Ask for seconds. Or even thirds. You won't even have to ask. The waiters will be back at your table again and again.

Papagaio is a lively boppin' restaurant with a lot of action, hubhub, South American background music and people. The word is out on the new kosher Papagaio restaurants and reservations are essential.

El Gaucho_Netanya - The Carmel Hotel, Netanya 09-8841264
El Gaucho, the nationwide chain of Argentine grill restaurants specializing in meat dishes. The meat is imported from South America and aged to increase its flavor. When you place your order the meat is cooked on an open grill so you always get a freshly cooked dish.

Your meal is served at your table on an individual mini grill with simmering coals, keeping your food warm while preserving the special grilled flavor.

El Gaucho Netanya is loicated in the Carmel Hotel. The restaurant faces the sea, and is a great relaxing dining experience. The restaurant is an excellent place for hosting parties. Contact the restaurant and have them fax you their suggested menus.

Tanduka - Yokneam Hamoshava, Yokneam 04-9590323
Tanduka, located in the heart of the Moshav of Yokneam is a high quality meat restaurant and grill. You will be pleasantly surprised to find a restaurant of this quality in this rural location.

The menu is centered around prime cuts of meat that they age on the premesis. The side dishes are all made of locally grown ingredients. We recommend the Lamb Fingers, and the Gravalux Salmon. And you can’t miss with one of those delicious steaks. There are plenty of options for vegetarians as well. Something for everyone at this quality restaurant.