Dine in Preserved Building Restaurants

About Restaurants in Historic Sites
Israel is a country rich in history and it seems that wherever you turn there are buildings of historic significance. One of our favorite trends in restaurants are those housed in preserved historic buildings. These buildings are often protected by law, which poses limitations for the owners, but the terrific ambiance that these buildings afford, is well worth the hardship.

The following are some of the eLuna restaurants in historic buildings. We invite you to visit these remarkable restaurants and enjoy the amazing food, the unique architecture and the lovely preserved structures.
Roots - 1 Weitzman St, Acco 04-8848040
Roots Kosher restaurant, Acco, from Uri Arnold of Arnolds Restaurant fame. Roots is a chef meat restaurant located in an 11th century citadel. The citadel was built during the crusades, withstood Saladin's invation, the ottoman rule and a host of other conquerers. The British used this citadel as a prison, and in the 21st century the venue was renovated and turned into a restaurant. Apparently in this century we shall beat our swords into steak knives and forks.
Beit Shean
Rozalia - 1 Chayim Shturman, Beit Shean 04-6453366
The Rozalia Café and Bakery is just a stone’s throw from the Beit Shean National Park, in a preserved building clad in the local black stone typical of the area. Inside, the ceramics, chandeliers, wooden beams and long windows all make for a charming and warm atmosphere, complemented by the friendly and professional staff. When the weather permits, you can sit outside and look out at the Beit Shean antiquities.

Chava and Chana, who have a passion for creating beautifully crafted, precision made desserts, breads, cakes, pastries, you name it; have spared no effort in planning and designing this café, and it shows. On a daily basis, they continue to invest in preparing uncommonly tasty food.

Anna - Anna Ticho House , Jerusalem 02-5434144
Anna Italian Cafe offers a delicious Italian dairy menu at the renovated Anna Ticho Museum restaurant. The historic 19th century home of Dr and Anna Ticho has been modernized, while retaining its legacy architectural elements. The house, the gardens, the museum and the restaurant, make this Jerusalem landmark, and a must-visit attraction.

Enjoy light vegetarian dishes, fish, and pasta, with a combination of gentle flavors and textures. The cafe offers delicious foods, excellent service at moderate prices. The presentation of the foods matches the aesthetics of the location itself. Anna Cafe works with the Dualis Fund to put young people on a good footing.

Anna is on the second floor, with an elevator from the first floor. There is indoor and outdoor seating on the picturesque patio. Pay parking lot close to the restaurant on Harav Agan Street.

Luciana Mamila - 8 Mamila, Jerusalem 02-5021000
Luciana at Mamila is a quality Italian dairy restaurant. The charming restaurant design puts you in a quaint Italian street scene, with trees, outdoor lamps, and paths. The Italian menu offers high end fish dishes and excellent Italian pastas and specialty dishes. Portions are generous and filling. Desserts are the calling card at Luciana Mamila. Pastries are displayed in a glass case at the entrance, reminding you what is waiting for you.

The theme of the restaurant many be Italian, but the view is classic Jerusalem. Luciana at Mamila has one of the great views of the walls of the old city, in Jerusalem.

Piccolino - 12 Yoel Moshe Solomon, Jerusalem 02-6244186
Piccolino is a downtown Jerusalem restaurant, in Music Square, off Nachalat Shiva. The restaurant has the signature Jerusalem architectural elements such as stone walls and arches. The owners of the restaurant created this lovely space from a formerly abandoned building. Blessed are those who rebuild Jerusalem.

Piccolino restaurant offers a delicious dairy Italian menu. Music is the theme of the menu. Start your morning with Buongiorno breakfast. Choose from the Do Re Mi Shakshuka, the Pavaroti full breakfast or Tarantella breakfast. Got the idea?
The menu continues using the musical metaphor, with dishes from the Overture section the Intermezzo, Concerto, the Sonata section and the Fugue. Whatever you do, be sure to stay for the Finale.
Sheyan - 8 Ramban St, Jerusalem 02-5612007

Sheyan is a lovely Asian "retreat" in Jerusalem. This is a beautifully designed restaurant with an authentic Asian vibe. Every last piece of furniture, dish, utensil, art work, not to mention the cooks themselves, come directly from the Chinese mainland. And what a collection!

Sheyan Restaurant is large and spacious. The restaurant has one large dining space, a great outdoor terrace, and some smaller intimate corners. The beautifully decorated private party room is a perfect venue for a small family gathering or business meeting.

The food at Sheyan is delicious and plentiful. There are many choices including fish, and meat dishes. The noodle dishes are very reasonable and there is a complete Sushi menu.

Sheyan is a big, lively, busy restaurant with lots of positive energy. Reservations are a must.

Regina - Hatachana, The Station, Tel-Aviv/Jaffa 03-7367474

Hatachana, the renovated train station complex in the original part of Tel Aviv is full of great shops and great restaurants. Regina kosher restaurant is located in a historic building over 100 years old, The cuisine is traditional Israeli and Eastern European meat, prepared in the traditional way. On the menu you will find classic dishes like shnitzel with ptitim, and stuffed peppers. Their Hungarian Goulash is not to be missed.

The restaurant has a beautiful courtyard, perfect for a romantic dinner. This is certainly one of the top venues in Tel Aviv.