kosher Bars Restaurants

Jews drink?
Only at the best bars. Here is a list of kosher bars. These bars serve both alcoholic beverages and food, but the focus is on the alcohol. Some of these are beer bars, others focus on whiskey and cocktails. Some offer dairy dishes and others, meat. Some bars have live entertainment. These are popular locations for parties and get-togethers.

Take your pick of the best kosher bars in Israel..

Bardak - 38 Keren Hayesod, Jerusalem 02-5877795
Bardak is a feel good beer bar with pizza. Sit inside or outside on the spacious patio and enjoy great beer, fabulous pizza, cool music and a warm Jerusalem atmosphere.

Bardak specializes in beer. There are about 40 types of beer, in bottles and on tap, from Israeli boutique breweries. In addition there is a large stock of various beers from around the world.

Mike's Place - 33 Yaffo St, Jerusalem 054-7991220
The only kosher branch in the renown chain, Mike’s Place is the epitome of the American sports bar. Great food, great people and all the high def TVs you can handle.

Come to Mike's Place to enjoy sports events broadcast on huge screens via satelite. Come other times for great music, live entertainment, acoustic shows, open mic night, jam sessions, live bands and great food and drink.

zAdin - qa, Jerusalem 
Jems - 7 Leshem Street, Petach-Tikva 03-9195367
Meet the latest thing in dining and entertainment: Jem's in Kiryat Matalon, Petach Tikvah. Jem's is the all the rage. A brewery and a meat restaurant all in one, Jem's is the most "in" place today. The tasting menu has nothing to do with food - it is a selection of different types of beer, all brewed on premises. Enjoy these with nishnushim or with a full and delicious meat or fish meal.

Waiting for a table almost provides as much entertainment as the meal itself. Have a brew at the van outside or pick up a ball and shoot some hoops. Either way once you get inside you will not be disappointed. The food is wonderful and the suds are fresh, so head out to Jem’s for a great night out.