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99Hayarkon - Dan Hotel. 99 Hayarkon, Tel-Aviv/Jaffa 03-5202410
The Dan Hotel on Hayarkon Street is one of the top hotels in the country. Stylish and beautifully designed the hotel attracts celebrities and personalities from around the world. 

99 Hayarkon is the lovely and elegant restaurant at the Dan Hotel. The restaurant is open not only to guests of the hotel but to other diners as well. That's us.

Classic, classy and exceptionally smart, 99 Hayarkon is a restaurant for the discerning diner. The elegant surroundings are complemented by outstanding gourmet cuisine. Each dish is a work of art, a celebration for the eye and the palate.

99 Hayarkon is a high end award-winning restaurant. Get ready for a heady experience.
Mapu - 9 Mapu St, Tel-Aviv/Jaffa 03-7629002
Mapu is Chef Nir Zook's private restaurant in the Prima City Hotel. The restaurant dominates the lobby entrance with additional seating in an outdoor patio which is covered in the winter. Chef Zook uses the classic Mediterranean palate of olive oil, garlic, lemon and classic local herbs such as parsley and zatar. Every dish has Chef Zook's unique signature characterized by very high end materials, pleasing combinations and blends of textures, which makes for outstanding dining.