Romantic Restaurants

Romantic Restaurants

Whatever you are celebrating, it is nice to celebrate in a romantic restaurant. In the evening dine by candle lighting, enjoy a bit of quiet and privacy, fine wine, good service and delicious foods. The price may be a bit more than average restaurants but for those who want a romatic atmosphere here's where to dine.

Aresto - At the Port, Caesarea 04-6363456
Aresto is a beautiful, well-designed restaurant with stylish furniture including white sofas and leather armchairs. You can sit on the porch that looks out over the ocean or the porch that looks out on a lawn. It’s best to go there at night, when the entire place is awash in romantic lights.

Aresto Restaurant presents a delicious dairy menu with fish and specialty dishes.

Bistro56 - Arena Mall, Herzelia 09-9565181
Bistro 56 offers a delicious Mediterranean menu with a pleasant balance of meat, fish and vegetable dishes. This is a spacious up market restaurant, on the second floor of the Arena Mall, overlooking the mall plaza and the picturesque boat marina. The Tables on the veranda are covered in white cloth for one of the most inviting dinner scenes that you will find at any restaurant.

A large staff provide excellent service with a smile, no waiting, whether you sit indoors or out.

Bistro 56 uses only the best and freshest foods. The beef comes from the Golan and from Nebraska in the US and is aged for 21 days at least at the restaurant, so it is sure to be tender. Gaby, the chef of 13 years is a specialist at preparing this kind of beef. From start to finish, Bistro 56 is a very satisfying experience and one of our favorite restaurants. We are not alone. Reservations are recommended.
Minato - 8 Hamenofim, Herzelia 09-7731703
Minato specializes in authentic Japanese dishes. The restaurant is adamant about utilizing authentic ingredients, and cooking techniques used in Japan. A Japanese chef presides over the kitchen. He creates traditional Japanese cuisine that complies with the laws of kashrut and uses local seasonal ingredients.

Wanting to taste a variety of dishes, we decided to share one inside-out Sushi roll with cooked fish and two delicious fish main dishes. The sushi was beautifully presented on a platter with thin slivers of ginger. We then shared a platter of tempura fish served with the delicious Japanese Tentsuyu dipping sauce with Mirin, sweet rice wine. The fish was delicious alone and required no sauce, but the sauce added the zing.

Angelica - 4 George Washington St, Jerusalem 02-6230056
Angelica Fine Grill restaurant is located in Central Jerusalem. The restaurant is the brainchild of famed chef and restaurant manager Marcos Gershkowitz.

Angelica is a favorite eLuna restaurant. Always a best seller, when it comes to fine dining, eLuna members repeatedly vote for Angelica.

Pompidou - 27 Emek Refaim, Jerusalem 02-6251111
Pompidou is a Bistro dairy restaurant and Bar on Emek Refaim. The restaurant features a dairy menu with a good selection of drinks. The restaurant offers an Italian menu with an esthetic French style atmosphere.

Enjoy mornings with a Pompidou Omelette, or Shakshouka or an unusual Risotto breakfast made with fresh cream, cinnamon, raisins and almonds. For lunch Italian bruschettas and focaccias, delicious salads, sandwiches, pasta and pizza. The specials include lasagna, ravioli, and cheese platter including a variety of aged cheeses.

The desserts are excellent as is the great Italian coffee.

Rosh Hanikra
Hatzok - Rosh Hanikra, Rosh Hanikra 04-6016849
Hatzok "The Cliff" is a kosher chef restaurant at Rosh Hanikra, Israel's northern most location on the Mediterranean coast. Aptly named, Hatzok restaurant is in a tourist center on the cliffs with a spectacular view and a pleasant modern interior.

Hatzok Restaurant offers a fine Mediterranean-style menu featuring a variety of meat, fish and vegetarian dishes, Maor and Eric use only the freshest raw ingredients to create a rich variety of high level dishes. Your visit to Hatzok restaurant will be unique, adventuresome and a rewarding culinary experience.

Pankina - 39 Gordon St, Tel-Aviv/Jaffa 03-6449793
Three charming Italian gentlemen have come on aliya to open Pankina Italian Restaurant in Tel Aviv. We all lucked out, because this restaurant is a find.

Pankina offers elegant, high-end dairy dining. You will enjoy fine Italian dishes in a lovely European style setting. Tables are covered in white cloth, there is outdoor sidewalk seating (or indoors), and fine attentive service.

Chef Manuel developed his culinary expertise in Rome. You are going to love his superb authentic vegetable and risotto starters, fish and cheese delicacies, and fish or pasta main courses. Everything is outstanding from top to toe. Relax and enjoy one of the best neighborhoods in Tel Aviv as you linger over your dinner, fine desserts and top it off with lemoncello.
Regina - Hatachana, The Station, Tel-Aviv/Jaffa 03-7367474

Hatachana, the renovated train station complex in the original part of Tel Aviv is full of great shops and great restaurants. Regina kosher restaurant is located in a historic building over 100 years old, The cuisine is traditional Israeli and Eastern European meat, prepared in the traditional way. On the menu you will find classic dishes like shnitzel with ptitim, and stuffed peppers. Their Hungarian Goulash is not to be missed.

The restaurant has a beautiful courtyard, perfect for a romantic dinner. This is certainly one of the top venues in Tel Aviv.