Kosher sushi Restaurants

About Sushi
If you're not already a sushi fan, you have probably at least heard of, wondered about, or been intrigued by this unique food. You may have rejected the idea of eating sushi as too foreign or exotic, and the idea of eating raw fish - not big in Jewish cuisine - too far removed from the familiar. Before you exclude this specialty from your dining pleasure, let me offer some simple explanations of what sushi is made of, how it is prepared and how the people who do love it feel about it.

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Minato - 8 Hamenofim, Herzelia 09-7731703
Minato is a classic Japanese restaurant with a charming style. This is an Izakaya restaurant, the concept which is a meal made up of a stream of different small dishes that can be shared. Each dish is a small gem, beautifully presented and delicious.

The menu includes tasty sushi, salads, noodle dishes, meat-based dishes, meat on skewers and other delicious Japanese dishes.
The restaurant is located in the high tech area of Herzlia Pituach.

Oshi Oshi Jerusalem - Malcha Mall 1st floor, Jerusalem 1700708023
Asian menu in the Malcha Mall
Favorite sushi and noodle dishes.
Sheyan - 8 Ramban St, Jerusalem 02-5612007

Sheyan is a lovely Asian "retreat" in Jerusalem. This is a beautifully designed restaurant with an authentic Asian vibe. Every last piece of furniture, dish, utensil, art work, not to mention the cooks themselves, come directly from the Chinese mainland. And what a collection!

Sheyan Restaurant is large and spacious. The restaurant has one large dining space, a great outdoor terrace, and some smaller intimate corners. The beautifully decorated private party room is a perfect venue for a small family gathering or business meeting.

The food at Sheyan is delicious and plentiful. There are many choices including fish, and meat dishes. The noodle dishes are very reasonable and there is a complete Sushi menu.

Sheyan is a big, lively, busy restaurant with lots of positive energy. Reservations are a must.

Sushi N Bagels - 68 Yirmiyahu, Jerusalem 02-5443111
Yama Bar Sushi - 3 Kiryat Hamada, Jerusalem 02-6200400
Yama offers a full Asian menu, plus a full page of sushi. Sushi lovers rejoice: rolls, combinations, specials, and all the rest. The sushi, like all the dishes at Yama, meets the most stringent kashrut standards of the Rav Rubin supervision..

There is a great selection of non-sushi appetizers such as the vegetarian egg roll and Gyoza (a kind of Dim Sum). For your main dish try the Mongolian Beef. a large bowl of strips of beef with thinly sliced vegetables over a bed of white rice, in a generous amount of beef broth.

If you eat with your eyes you will love the dishes at Yama even before you taste them. All the dishes are beautifully presented in a pleasant setting. Five stars from eLuna.

Pardes Hana
Oshi Oshi Pardes Hana - 1 Gilad St, Pardes Hana 04-8811177
Enjoy fine sushi and Asian dishes at Oshi Oshi Pardes Hana. Sushi is the Oshi Oshi specialty but the menu has a good selection of vegetable dishes and Noodle dishes with and without beef and chicken. Portions are generous. Service is hospitable.
Nini Choo - 18 Hasivim, Petach-Tikva 03-5183333

Nini Choo Bar/Restaurant in Petach Tikva is your address for delicious Asian cuisine in a true-to-style atmosphere. Not just sushi, but also sushi, and a full menu of excellent Asian dishes.

Nini Choo checks all the boxes. The restaurant is beautifully designed, with comfortable minimalist light wood furnishings. The menu is varied, with a good selection of meat and veggie dishes. The dishes are beautifully presented and the service....well...Asian hospitality. And as for the food....

Panko - 135 Ahuza, Ra'anana 09-7745353
Centrally located at the corner of Ahuza and Brandeis Streets, Panko offers tasty sushi, reasonable prices, and convenience. Whether you eat at the tables, pick up your order, or have it delivered, Panko offers all the different types of sushi: rolls, Fotomaki, Nigri, Sashimi, a host of combinations and more. Panko will prepare just about any mix of sushi that you request.

Miso soup, tempura, and Japanese salads round out the options, while non-sushi eaters will be pleased with Japanese style fish & chips, salmon fillet, or chicken breast.
Poke Bar - 47 Hanesiim. 71 Ahuza St, Ra'anana 09-8616102
Poke Bowls are an all-in-one meal in a bowl. This high-end street food is fast, healthy and reasonably priced. You choose the contents of your bowl, which starts with rice, then add fish or tofu, a wide choice of vegetables, crunchy toppings and sauces.

This concept, which has taken the world by storm, has two venues in Raanana: Poke Bar on Hanesiim St and on Ahuza off Kazan. The fresh fish, the star of the show, is sourced from the affiliated La Criee Israel fish shopm with fresh fish deliveries every day. .

Poke Bar on Ahuza has recently expanded its menu and is now a full fish restaurant, the first in Raanana. See Poke Fish Bar
Nini Hachi - 228 Ben Yehuda, Tel-Aviv/Jaffa 03-6249228
Nini Hachi is a classic Asian Sushi Bar/Restaurant. There is an open bar with seating where you can view the sushi preparation, and a full menu of delicious Asian delights.

This is a spacious restaurant with table seating on the entrance level and upstairs. The atmosphere is clean, simple and pleasant. No frills, just good food.

There is a great choice of meat and fish skewers but our favorite are the amazing vegetable and rice dishes. Tofu, mushrooms, asparagus and more are expertly prepared and delicious B'teavon!

Zichron Yaakov
Nili Wine House - 43 Hameyasdim St, Zichron Yaakov 04-6292899
Nili Wine Bar and Restaurant is one of the most inviting restaurants on the midrachov - the central pedestrian mall of Zichron Yaakov. Nili attracts a variety of customers and everyone will feel comfortable.

Breakfast is served from 8 till 12 noon. A separate full dairy menu is available only from 12:30pm. The breakfast menu offers 3 varieties of shakshuka, two breakfast combinations with eggs, salads, grains, breads, coffee and drinks of different types. That's what I call breakfast.

At 12:30 Nili opens their full dairy menu of dishes for lunch and the rest of the day/night. This includes a long list of dairy specialties and lovely sushi as well.