Kosher Restaurant Gift Certificates

Here is the easy way to send a gift. Just choose the amount of your gift, enter the contact information, make your payment and we do the rest.

Here's a sample of a gift certificate and what folks who received eLuna gift certificates wrote...

Buying an eLuna Gift Certificate is a snap ...

Here's How it works...

Step 1

Choose the amount of your gift.

Step 2

Enter your email address and the receiver's address and write a note.

Step 3

Make your payment on a secure payment page.

After Your purchase...

1) Your gift certificate will be sent to the address that you have specified. You will receive an acknowledgement of your order and an email confirmation when it is sent.

2) Gift certificates are usually sent out the next day but it can take up to 2 working days to send the certificate. Please email us if the certificate needs to be rushed. Note that our offices are closed on Friday and Shabbat.

3) Gift certificates will be sent by email unless snail-mail is requested.
There is a NIS 30 handling charge for each gift certificate. If the restaurant is chosen at the time of purchase the charge is NIS 20. Currency Converter

Select the amount of your gift certificate

After you have made your selection press the Proceed button to enter your contact information and the information of the receiver, and write a card.

Please choose the amount of your certificate

Note :

1. Gift certificates cannot be used together with eLuna discounts.

2. Gift certificates are printed with an expiration date 16 weeks from the date of issue. In most cases the expiration date can be extended for one month. Please let us know if you want us to extend the expiration date.

3. Gift certificates are intended for use at a single visit to the restaurant. If the full value of the certificate is not used at the seating the restaurants will not issue credit or a refund.