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Would you like to be published on eLuna?
You could be an eLuna author. See your name in lights! Be read by thousands of people! Become famous on every continent!

Choose an eLuna restaurant that you enjoyed and if it has not been written up yet, submit your write up. If your write up is approved by our staff it will be published on the site and with your permission we will credit you by name.

It is not just about fame, it is also about fortune. You will receive a nis 50 voucher at the restaurant when your write up is published.

Any questions?

I see that eLuna publishes both write ups and comments. What is the difference between them?
eLuna publishes restaurant write ups and member's comments about restaurants. A comment is usually a few lines describing a personal experience at a restaurant. We publish these comments as personal recommendations. Negative comments are forwarded to the restaurant for their handling. Sorry, there is no prize awarded for personal comments. A full restaurant write up must comply with the guidelines outlined below. eLuna will send write-up authors a prize at the restaurant that was written up.

I have a restaurant to suggest that is not on eLuna.

If you have visited a restaurant that is not on eLuna, and you would like to recommend it for our site, just send us an email with the details of the restaurant. If we agree that it is an eLuna-worthy restaurant, and we succeed in recruiting it for eLuna, you will have the first crack at the write up. Please let us know in your email that you would like to submit the write up. If not, we reserve the right to use all or part of your recommendation as a comment on the restaurant page, and it is open to other writers.

Note that all eLuna restaurants must have a kashrut certification from a reliable Rabbinic organization and they must be closed on Shabbat. Please verify that the restaurant that you recommend meets these qualifications before you suggest it for our website.

Guidelines for eLuna Write Ups: is in the business of promoting quality kosher goods and services for an improved kosher lifestyle. Your write up should be in the spirit of our website. It should include the characteristics about this restaurant that gave you the impression that it was a quality establishment.

Here are a few other important issues:
- The location of the restaurant.
- Parking.
- Access for the handicapped.
- Please include text about the decor, the atmosphere, the service, and of course the food.
- Please include the hashgacha information and the hours of the restaurant.

Include in your write up, the way that you would like to be identified on our site. Some writers use a pseudonym. Others request that their email address not appear on the site. You can link the credit to your facebook profile. Or you can use this identification for advertising your business.
Example: This write up was submitted by shoshana the sheitel macher. Every price every color.

Submit your write up to Your write up will be evaluated, and you will be notified within 5 business days of receipt of your email (not including Friday and Shabbat) as to whether your write up meets the criterion. If your review meets our criterion we will post your write up and you will receive a NIS 50 voucher for the restaurant that you wrote up.


  1. Only write ups of restaurants not already written up on this site will be considered.

  2. is pleased to receive write up submissions of all eLuna restaurants anywhere within Israel. There is no preference for restaurants within the large population centers and no prejudice against restaurants "off the beaten track."

  3. At this time is not handling "basta" style street-side eateries with standing room only. Restaurants suggested for this site should have an organized seating arrangement and waiter service.

  4. A writer may submit more than one restaurant write up. Similarly a single writer can win more than one discount coupon.

  5. All write ups will be evaluated for appropriateness, completeness of the review, and quality of the writing.

  6. Please be sure to include your name and your email address in the write up so that we can contact you.