Eluna Auction #28754 Dinner for Two at Salta, Raanana

16/01/2021 07:15:24

Dinner for Two at Salta, Raanana

Salta is a one-of-a-kind restaurant on Raanana’s Rambam Street. This small storefront eatery offers delicious dairy dishes in a fun environment.

The restaurant offers seating in the entrance and on an air conditioned deck. The decore is eclectic - every table is a different size and no two chairs are the same.
Large photographs fill the walls and chachkas abound.
vegetables used in the food preparation are stored in a vegetable stand in the dining area. If this sounds peculiar, let me assure you that the atmosphere is absolutely charming, cozy and homey.

The restaurant offers a very good dairy menu. The dishes are all creative and delicious. Salta is a curious experience, and a great addition to a city that prides itself in its folks willing to think out of the box.

More about this restaurant

10 Rambam St., Ra'anana
Tel: 09-7485983
Kashrut: Rabbanut Raanana. Wheelchair friendly

Bid on a NIS 175 voucher at Salta Restaurant.

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The Auction has ended

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