Eluna Auction #28792 V'Higadeta L'Bincha Orthodox Haggadah

14/04/2021 18:02:57

V'Higadeta L'Bincha
And You Shall Tell Your Sons. A Pesach Haggadah.
Hard Cover, Tamid-Publishers

This is a beautiful art book for Pesach. V'Higadeta L'Bincha offers a gorgeous artistic presentation of the pages of the Haggadah. Each page is a uniquely artistic presentation of the traditional text. Each page is different, each is individually designed, and each is a work of art, celebrating the Hebrew language and its hidden mathematical codes. Pages are black and white, stressing the text itself rather than pictures.

The Haggadah contains an essay explaining this concept. This is an important addition to your Seder and to your collection of Haggadot.

The Haggadah will be mailed to you in Israel, registered mail. Sorry, we do not mail outside Israel.

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