Eluna Auction #28793 Pesach Take Away from Hamirpesset Catering

14/04/2021 18:05:07

Take Away from Hamirpesset Catering

Hamirpesset made its name this past year with their popular Kiddush Kit. Hamirpesset primarily caters parties and events, and this year take away for Pesach. You will love their traditional Pesachdik dishes from the charosest to appetizers, soups, main courses and side dishes.

Order from the the Hamirpesset English menu. No minimum order. Orders accepted till Motzash Shabbat Hagadol 20 March. Delivery throughout central Israel. Free delivery in Gush Dan for orders over 500 shekels.

Telephone:050 795 8585
Kashrut: Mehadrin, non-kitniyot, under the supervision of Rav Greenwald, Rabbanut Chevel Modiin

Bid on this auction valued at NIS 300.

First Bid
NIS 220 
Current Bid
NIS 220 
High Bidder
Bid Increment
NIS 10
Auction End Date
15/03/2021 21:00:00 
Remaining Time
The Auction has ended

The Auction has ended

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