Eluna Auction #29196 Dinner for Two at Ruben Beit Shemesh

08/12/2021 22:08:42

Dinner for Two at Ruben Restaurant, Beit Shemesh

Ruben is a chain of meat restaurants best known for its burgers and smoked meat sandwiches. The Ruben sandwich originated in a New York deli. Now in Israel, Ruben has put its unique Israeli stamp on its American products and has turned burgers into a culinary art.

Ruben offers a menu of burgers in a bun, in a range of flavors and sizes.

Alongside its famous burgers and sandwiches, are steaks, asado, special entrees and specials from the smokehouse.

Host your simcha at Ruben. Choose from 3 menus.

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Ruben Beit Shemesh

1 Yigal Alon, Big Center, Beit Shemesh
Tel: 02-502 8880
Kashrut: Rabbanut Beit Shemesh
Bid on a NIS 250 voucher at Ruben Beit Shemesh Restaurant.

First Bid
NIS 180 
Current Bid
NIS 180 
High Bidder
Bid Increment
NIS 10
Auction End Date
25/11/2021 21:00:00 
Remaining Time
The Auction has ended

The Auction has ended

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