Eluna Auction #31836 Dinner for Two at Cafe Rimon on the Midrachov

24/04/2024 12:16:31

Dinner for Two at Cafe Rimon, the Midrachov, Jerusalem

Located on Luntz Street just off the Ben-Yehuda midrachov, find the delicious dairy Cafe Rimon. This spacious restaurant is open around the clock, except Shabbat and chagim. The restaurant has something for everybody. It is perfect for every event and occasion with both delicious food and plenty to choose from. Whether you like Shakshuka in the morning, a bream fish entree at a business lunch, or Ravioli for dinner, Cafe Rimon can deliver.

With its convenient location, beautiful interior, and creative tantalizing food Cafe Rimon is sure to be a favorite stop whenever your in Jerusalem.

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Cafe Rimon

4 Luntz St, the midrachov. Jerusalem
Tel: 1-599-50-10-30
Kashrut: Mehadrin Badatz Yerushalayim

Bid on a NIS 200 voucher at Cafe Rimon Restaurant.

First Bid
NIS 110 
Current Bid
NIS 130 
High Bidder
Bid Increment
NIS 10
Auction End Date
04/04/2024 21:00:00 
Remaining Time
The Auction has ended

The Auction has ended

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