Eluna Auction #32047 Dinner for Two at Hatzel-Banim, Caesarea

19/07/2024 23:58:51

Dinner for Two at Hatzel-Banim Restaurant, Caesarea

Hatzel-Banim has a prime spot in the spacious courtyard in the Caesarea National Park. A large number of outdoor tables fill the sunny courtyard and a row of tables overlook the sea. We chose to dine indoors where it is warm and the view is almost as good.

You cannot go wrong no matter what you choose from the menu. We started with the classic grilled eggplant which was anything but classic. For our main courses I chose fish and my companion chose meat. The Sea Bass fillet (Levrak) was so delicious baked with nothing more than olive oil, garlic and herbs. The restaurant accommodated my companion wavering between the pargit and kabob. The plate that came contained both a generous piece of pargit steak and Saba Jakie's kabob.

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Hatzel Banim
National Archeological Park, Caesarea
Tel: 04-6361679
Kashrut Badatz Beit Yosef

Bid on a NIS 300 voucher at Hatzel-Banim Restaurant.

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NIS 220 
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11/07/2024 21:00:00 
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The Auction has ended

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