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L'Entrecote Kosher Restaurant Party Room - Tel Aviv

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28 Achad Ha'am Street, Tel Aviv
Tel: 03-6337733

Kashrut: Rabbanut Tel Aviv Glatt L'Mehadrin. Harav Machpud

About L'Entrecote Party Events

L’entrecote is a well known Tel Aviv restaurant, famous for its quality foods and fine service. This is an excellent location for your simcha. The restaurant is a conveniently located In the heart of downtown Tel Aviv, with parking garages in the area. There is a diverse menu that includes a wide selection of appetizers and meat or vegetarian choices. Dishes are artistically presented, making this a professional and enjoyable dining experience.

Signature Dish: The signature dish of the restaurant is the tasty and succulent entrecote steak. There are many other choices of meat and fish dishes. Service staff are energetic and well trained. The kitchen is efficient and able to keep pace with the busy crowd. Kashrut at L'Entrecote is mehadrin under the hashgacha of Rabbanut Tel Aviv. The meat is under the hashgacha of Rav Machpud.

Two Private Rooms: L'Entrecote has two private rooms upstairs. The tables are beautifully set with tablecloths and service, and plenty of space around the table for comfortable seating. An upstairs anti room is used for serving, ensuring an elegant event. The "Small room" is designed for 16 diners and the "Large room" can accommodate up to 30 diners. For larger events, you can join the two rooms into one  large space. Each room is equipped with an audio system, projector, screen and Wi-Fi. The location, design and features, makes the rooms the perfect meeting place for different purposes including private events, social events, business conferences, company meetings, ceremonial toast, receptions, and more. You can also hold your party in a corner of the street-level seating area.

The motto at L’entrecote is “to provide a precise answer to our customer’s needs,"
Location: Tel Aviv
Number of guests: 2 private rooms: 16 and 30 guests. Can combine the rooms for up to 70 guests.
Full restaurant: up to 140 guests.
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