Take Away Restaurants

Gush Etzion
prohibition Pickle - , Gush Etzion 02-580-2726
Scoop Catering - , Gush Etzion 054-2902590
Jerusalem Cuisine Take Away E - https://jerusalemcuisine.co.il/, Jerusalem 02-6519821
Traditional Ashkenazi foods with a nod to Israeli cuisine. These are your favorite classic foods. Always reliable, as you would expect from 20 years of experience. Delivery in Jerusalem and the area up to Bet Shemesh.
Jerusalem Delights - , Jerusalem 0527172185
Kiko Meat - 15 Daniel Yanovsky St, , Jerusalem 077 883 6883
Kiko is a comfortable informal meat restaurant in Armon Hanetziv. The restaurant specializes in platters, sandwiches, grill meats and more. Kiko is a family restaurant so bring the kids and make this a family event. There is something for everyone. Kiko is also a popular venue for parties and get togethers.

Kiko is a crowd pleaser with good food that is reasonably priced.
What more could you want?
Malka Catering - , Jerusalem 02-6634934
Shabbos Bistro - , Jerusalem 02-9964496
Sushi N Bagels - 68 Yirmiyahu, Jerusalem 02-5443111
Sushi N Bagels is the only sushi restaurant in Israel with the Eida Haredi stamp of approval.
Unable to purchase sushi ingredients that would meet the requirements of the Eida Haredit kashrut, Avi set off to develop the ingredients including his very own Nori - dried edible seaweed used in Japanese cuisine.

Sushi N Bagels has a good selection of sushi. There are all vegetarian and fish maki and sandwiches. There is spicy tuna and non-spicy sushi rolls, with and without tempura. In case you don't see it on the menu you can make your own combination sushi. Poke bowls are also available, with and without fish.

Kfar Saba
Gohar - 26 Hataas, Kfar Saba 09-7664533
Gohar Persian Cuisine. This unique cuisine includes exotic flavors, and exotic foods such as stuffed grape leavs, and specialty smoked meats and vegetables. The dishes are enjoyed best at your Shabbat table. Order one of Gohar's fixed menus to enhance your Shabbat meals. Order Wednesday for delivery or pick up on Friday."> Get Coupon