Naomi Catering

Order all the food for your table from Naomi Catering year-round for Shabbat, holidays and for Pesach. Naomi supplies catered foods, wine, drinks. and packaged goods from the Naomi Delicatessen,

Naomi delivers to Jerusalem, Gush Dan and the Sharon area. See the full list of locations on the Naomi site. Free pickup from central locations in Jerusalem, Modiin, and Raanana, erev Shabbat Hagadol and Erev Chag. See dates.

Prepared Pesachdik foods arrive cold, well wrapped and ready to put on the hotplate. See the huge selection of products and order directly on the user-friendly Naomi Catering Pesach menu.

For Pesach:
Menu for Shabbat Hagadol Seder and the first day chag
Menu for Shabbat Chol Hamoed & the LAST chag,

: Non-Shruya, non-Gebrochotz (besides kneidalach) & No Kitniyot.
Hechsher is Rabbanut JLM mehadrin all products are Badatz/Glatt/Mehadrin Hachshers
Shmita le'chumra, mashgiach on premasis Mehuderet kashrut supervision. Non-Gebrochts. Kitniyot Free, nut-free, mostly gluten free DNCG marked.

Orders Pesach 2024 must be placed by 7 April. after that we will have a limited menu!!!
Minimum order NIS 999 Shekels. See delivery locations.
Orders for the last day of chag by 26 April

Delivery: To the Jerusalem region, Beer Shevah , Mercaz & Sharon. Free delivery to central locations.

About Foods: All food on this menu arrives cold. Some Pesach Items may arrive frozen.
All menu items are NUT FREE unless marked otherwise, but some are made in a nut environment.

Address: HaOferet St 3, Jerusalem
Tel: 02-679 3052

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