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Shabbat and Chagim
Friday and Erev Chag Buffet Take Away Foods
Order from Menus for Shabbat and Chagim
Cater a Shabbat kiddush and/or Shalom Zachor
Shabbat Get Aways
Special Shabbatot: Shabbat Hazanut, Shabbat Programs
Wine, wine shops, the best kiddush wine
Rosh Hodesh. Special events
Take-Out Foods Thursday/Friday
Many eLuna restaurants offer a take away buffet on Fridays. Visit these buffets and take away foods for Shabbat. Order food in advance from eLuna recommended caterers.
Buffet Take Away for Shabbat & Holidays
This is where you come for take away foods for Shabbat & holidays. Choose from a full buffet of take away foods
1 Rachel Imenu, German Colony, Jerusalem
16 King George St, Jerusalem
83 Ahuza St., Raanana
Ahuza St., Raanana
8 Nitza Blvd, Netanya
* Mehadrin
Catering for Events and order from a menu for Shabbat and Holidays

Huge take away buffet erev chag and erev Shabbat. See Menu
1 Rachel Imenu and
16 King George, Jerusalem

Marc of Excellence
Taste of Talbieh

Year Round Menu
Bakeries & Sweets
Cater an event in your location: Shabbat Kiddush, Bar/Bat Mitzva, smachot
Raanana & Netanya

Take away for the holidays. Cater your party, Britot, Shabbat Kiddushim.
Ahuza 130, Raanana.
Tel: 077-2032977
Meatland Take Away Menu
128 Ahuza St., Raanana
Deliveries countrywide
The Deli on Nitza
Ahuza St., Raanana
The Deli on Nitza
8 Nitza Blvd, Netanya

22 Rivlin St, Jerusalem
Tel: 972-2-6259703
fax: 972-2-6223011

5 Hayetzira St, Mevaseret Zion
Tel: 972-2-5343039
fax: 972-2-5791251

10% discount coupon

Hakishon 48, Commercial Center. Ramat Bet Shemesh A,
phone: 02-995-2117

Only kosher wine in this professional Kosher wine store specializing in boutique Israeli wineries in Judea, Sameria, Binyamin, Galilee and the Negev. Low prices everyday. Delivery in Israel. Shipping to the USA.
email: gedalya@cellar18.com, Facebook: www.facebook.com/cellar18

Shabbat Get Aways
Special Shabbatot
Why bother when there is so much great take away available.
Here are locations open on Friday with take away foods for Shabbat. Just come and choose.
Shabbat Hazanut

Rosh Hodesh
Rosh Hodesh
Rosh Hodesh Special

Where can I buy goods for Pesach.
Pesach 2013 on eLuna.com
Pesachdik Take Away Foods

Where to find Kosher Sushi in Israel...

Where to find Kosher bagels in Israel...

The Best of Kosher Wine
Best selection. Best prices. Best sellers. Discount coupons

Gourmet Catering at Your Location
Mehadrin Meat or Dairy
Parties and Smachot
Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Sharon

Tel: 054-546 2853
simonecatering@gmail.com .


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