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June 1 - June 23
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In Jerusalem Area
  1. Piccolino
  2. Luciana Mamila
  3. Pompidou
  4. Rodriguez
  5. Sheyan
  6. 02
  7. Kinor Bakikar
  8. Joy Bistro
  9. Papagaio_jerusalem
  10. Meat and Eat
  11. Noya
  12. Angelica
  13. Medita
  14. Jeera
  15. Grill Bar
  16. Cafe Rimon
  17. Valero
  18. Denya Cafe
In Gush Dan & Sharon
  1. Bistro56
  2. Rosetta
  3. Fresh Kitchen Herzlia
  4. Beef Bar Steak House
  5. Papagaio Prime
  6. Goshen
  7. Regina
  8. Nili Wine House
  9. Aresto
  10. Black Bar N Burger
  11. koya Ceasarea
  12. Pankina
  13. Patrick's Rooftop
  14. EatBar
  15. Gueta
  16. Biga
In Jerusalem Area
  1. Piccolino
  2. Rodriguez
  3. Papagaio_jerusalem
  4. Meat and Eat
  5. Medita
  6. Kinor Bakikar
  7. Luciana Mamila
  8. Sheyan
  9. Angelica
  10. Joy Bistro
  11. Rimon Bistro
  12. Cafe Rimon
  13. Waffle Bar_Eshkol
  14. Bagel Cafe
  15. Grill Bar
  16. 02
  17. Valero
  18. Noya
  19. Greg Cafe Mamila
In Gush Dan & Sharon
  1. Bistro56
  2. Goshen
  3. Pastaria
  4. Papagaio Prime
  5. Aresto
  6. Fresh Kitchen Herzlia
  7. Haroeh BaCafe
  8. Rosemarine
  9. Regina
  10. Paradiso Sarona Cafe
  11. Beef Bar Steak House
  12. Black Bar N Burger
  13. Rosetta
  14. Biga
  15. Pankina
  16. Luciana Modiin
  17. Burger Bar Hamalka
  18. El Gaucho_Netanya

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