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Kosher Ethnic Restaurants

IIf ever there was a place where one could enjoy authentic foods from different cultures it is Israel.
Since the establishment of The State people have been coming to Israel from all corners of the world, and with them comes their culinary culture and expertise.

Only in Israel can you enjoy a range of cuisines, from Italian to Indian, and back again to the Middle East. Here are some of our favorire ethnic cuisines.


Kosher Ethnic Restaurants in Israel
Chinese Cuisine
Beijing Renanim Center, Yeshuv Maccabim, Modiin Area. Tel: 08-9262212
Gao 91 Chashmonaim St., Tel-Aviv 03-5613533
Sheyan (mehadrin), 8 Ramban St. (at the windmill), Jerusalem. Tel: 02-5612007
The Oriental (mehadrin), Sheinfeld Center. Beit Shemesh. Tel: 02-9999488
French Cuisine
Bistrot D'Joul 64 Ben Yehuda St., Tel Aviv. Tel: 03-5298665
Le Relais Jaffa 9 Bat Ami St near the Noga Theater, Jaffa/Tel-Aviv. Tel: 03-6810637
Italian Dairy:
Alfredo Azorim Industrial Park, Petach Tikva. Tel: 03-9230643
Angelo 9 Horkenus St, Jerusalem. Tel: 02-6236095
Don Vito Route 461 At the southern entrace to the Tel-Hashomer Base, Kiryat Ono Tel: 03- 634 5833
Pasta Carolla 37 Haatzmaut Street, Haifa. Tel: 04-8621641
La Toscana 3 Hasadna, Industrial zone, Ra'anana Tel: 09-7420754
Sofia 3 Jabotinsky Street, Jerusalem. Tel: 02-675 6689
Indian Cuisine
Kohinoor Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza Hotel. Givat Ram, Jerusalem. Tel: 02-6536667, 02-6588867
Almora Yeshuv Even Sapir. Jerusalem. Tel: 02-6431186
Namaste 10 Hatayelet, Ashdod Tel: 08-8562437
Japanese Cuisine
Pagoda Lido Beach, Tiberias Tel. 04-6725513 and 04-6725514
Libyan Cuisine

Gueta 6 Yerushalayim Blvd. Across from the Noga Theater Tel Aviv. Tel: 03-681 3993

Moroccan Cuisine
Darna 3 Horkanos Street, Jerusalem Tel: 02-6245406
Marrakesh 5 David Hamelech Street, Netanya Tel. 09-833 4797, 052-445 9608
more to come...

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