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La Toscana
Dairy Italian Restaurant
3 Hasadna, Industrial zone, Ra'anana
Tel: 09-7420754

Kashrut: Rabbanut Raanana

Open Sunday through Thursday 11:00am till 11:30pm, Fridays till 3:00pm. After Shabbat till 11:00pm. Closed Shabbat.

December 2003 revised January 2006
La Toscana is a highlight on the Sharon area restaurant landscape. This charming restaurant about a block south of the Renanim Mall, thanks to owner Haim and his creative ideas, becomes more charming all the time.

Events and Celebrations at La Toscana

What started as a one-room mom-and-pop shop at least 13 years ago has blossomed into a full and delightful restaurant with a large indoor area, a comfortable enclosed front patio, and a lovely private room for intimate smachot. The Sharon area offers many good restaurants, but La Toscana is one of the few gracious places to dine.

The recent improvements by the new restaurant management have brought this restaurant to yet new levels of enjoyment. We took in the latest changes when we visited this restaurant for a delightful evening meal. The room was charmingly outfitted with white linen cloths over red and white checked table coverings. Candles and small vases of flowers adorned the comfortably sized tables. The new decor with upgraded artwork, parquet floors, and wooden accents all contribute to the charming countrified atmosphere.

We began our meal with two staples of the Italian dairy menu: Antipasti platter and Bruschetta. The Antipasti is a platter of cooked vegetables served cold. We enjoyed the selection, and the sprinkle of pine nuts, a pleasant addition. The Bruschetta, a tomato based pesto combination served on toast, was very pleasurable.

When it comes to thick doughy pastas with rich creamy sauces La Toscana does not disappoint. There is a full choice of different types of pastas made at the restaurant plant, served with the sauce of your choice. My companion was pleased with his main course of ravioli with goat cheese and creamy Alfredo mushroom sauce. I was delighted that La Toscana also offered lighter, more slenderizing options. I chose the salmon dinner, which was a lovely platter or fish, salads, and sliced baked potatoes, proving that it is possible to eat an appetizing low-fat meal at an Italian Dairy restaurant.

The fish dinner is on the high side of the menu, but La Toscana also offers an assortment of economical dishes including pizzas, great for family dining, ranging from NIS 35.

The delicious creamy Italian desserts are a highlight of the La Toscana menu and are not to be missed.

Dinner isn't all...
*Visit La Toscana for a full business lunch. You can enjoy a very respectable lunch for NIS 44 or a full meal (3 courses and a drink) for NIS 69.

*If you prefer to enjoy the La Toscana menu at home or at work you can order take-away. See the La Toscana Take Away menu


*La Toscana is an ideal place for a party of up to 80 guests. They will be pleased to show you their album of beautiful events held at the restaurant. If you have a different location in mind the restaurant will cater your event at the location of your choice.

*"The Italian Experience" An evening celebrating Italian culture, including local customes, opera, wine, Italian body language, and more. Appropriate for groups of 40 or more.

Visit the La Toscana website at

From eLuna, January 2006: La Toscana restaurant in Raanana has come a very long way. We stopped into the restaurant one weekday evening and it was so full we were lucky to get seating. We love the country aspect of the restaurant, with the red checked tableclothes covered with a crisp white overlay and linen napkins. We loved the fine waiter service that was attentive but not overbearing. We loved that they went to the effort to tell us that one of the dishes that we ordered takes another few minutes to prepare, so we did not feel abandoned. We loved the great soup, the wonderfiul pasta meal and that after we were served they reviewed our order to make sure that we got everything. We loved that all the tables around us got the same attention. All this, while the restaurant was completely full and there was a party in the private room. Very professional. Come see yourself. Reservations required.

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