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Telephone: 02-580-2726. whatsapp: 058 7000861
Kashrut: Mehadrin Rabanut Gush Etzion

Prohibition Pickle Catering and Take Away for Shabbat and Chagim
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June 2022
Prohibition Pickle is an online American Deli offering new-age old-world Ashkenazi fare. This is an Ashkenazi soul food revival that will take you back to the flavors of the great American kosher delis.

First and foremost The Pickle people are artisan foodies with a special affinity for pickling. Order their pickled vegetables like cucumbers (true real barrel-fermented sours), cabbage, chilis, zucchini, and they don't stop there......

Smoked and pickled meats and side dishes are The Pickles specialty. "Let's make pastrami great again" declares The Pickle. And indeed they do, along with pickled brisket and other meats, lox and other fish and a variety of herring for all the "I don't eat herring" people.

When you think Shabbat, think Prohibition Pickle. Jazz up your Shabbos cholent with The Pickle's "really amazing home made delicious kishke." Its a new world Bubi, where potato kugel will never be the same. Just "set that kugel on the blech and let it get Shabbosdick."

The next time you bring people together, wow your guests with The Pickle's gorgeous meat platters, fruit and vegetable platters, and platters of sandwiches delivered to your party.

Cool condiments are sold by the jar, like garlic pieces fermented in honey and aged for three months. Don't try this at home. Who hasn't shmeared garlic shmaltz on challa in the last decade or two? Potato knishes anyone?

Order for Shabbat by Wednesday. Prohibition Pickle delivers from Gush Etzion to all parts of central Israel. See the website for delivery locations,
Order for Pesach by March 30 @ noon.

Prohibition Pickle is owned and operated by folks who live and breathe tradition!
Kosher LeMehadrin under the supervision of the Gush Etzion Rabbinate. Shmita L'Chumra.