Take Away and Delivery from eLuna.com Restaurants March 2021

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Your favorite restaurants may still be closed, but you can continue to enjoy their delicious foods at home!
These eLuna. restaurants offer prepared foods that you can pick up at the restaurant or have delivered to your door.

Check the restaurant website or call in advance to verify the hours and minimum order. Note that some restaurants have different weekday and shabbat menus.

: A limited number of discount vouchers can be purchased on eLuna for Take Away food at these restaurants.
Click on the "Buy" button and make your payment. Vouchers will be sent to you in email, with a copy to the restaurant.
Note: The 10% discount at eLuna restaurants does not apply to Take Away at all restaurants. Verify in advance.

Not just a pizza or a burger! Gourmet Take Away, Herzlia
eLuna ordered gourmet take away from Minato Restaurant, Herzlia. It came beautifully packaged. The foods were delicious. This experience far exceeded our expectations. See http://www.eluna.com/rest/MinatoH_ta.asp
Minimum order for delivery NIS 200. No minimum for pick up orders.


Persian Cuisine Take Away, Kfar Saba
Gohar Restaurant in Kfar Saba offers unique Jewish Persian foods. Order during the week for Fiday and enjoy this specialty cuisine on Shabbat. http://www.eluna.com/rest/Gohar_ta.asp
Fixed price menus. No minimum.


Koeran Cuisine Take Away, Rova, Jerusalem
Enjoy authentic Korean cuisine delivered to your home, in Jerusalem, Bet Shemesh, Modiin, and other cities. See the Seoul House facebook page for delivery locations. http://www.eluna.com/rest/seoulhouse.asp


Name Address Phone Menu Notes Buy Voucher

Bagel Cafe 54 Emek Refaim 02-5877877 To Menu The delicious Bagel Cafe menu now available for delivery or pick up. Bagels, salads, cakes and desserts. Within easy reach. Buy
Denya Cafe 102 Herzl St 02-6485553 To Menu Delivery from Bet Hakerem and Givat Shaul. Buy
Jeera 7 Helene Hamalka 053-556-1457 To Menu Delivery to all parts of Jerusalem all week from noon through 9pm. facebook.com/jeera.jerusalem Buy
Marvad Haksamim Hamoshava 1 Rachel Imenu 02-567-0007 To Menu Order from the Marvad Haksamim menu for Shabbat. See the English language menu on eLuna. Pick up or delivery in Jerusalem on Fridays. Buy
Marvad Haksamim King George 16 King George St 02-567-0007 To Menu Order from the Marvad Haksamim menu for Shabbat. See the English language menu on eLuna. Pick up or delivery in Jerusalem on Fridays. Buy
Meuchas 7 Hamaalot 02-5790070 To Menu Mid week/Shabbat menu. Delivery or pick up at the restaurant. Friday buffet. Buy
Seoul House 34 Chabad St., Old City 074-704-0404 To Menu Delivery in Jerusalem and the area including Bet Shemesh, Modiin, and other cities. Call the restaurant for the delivery schedule or check their facebook page. Buy
Sheyan 8 Ramban St 02-5612007 To Menu Delivery throughout Jerusalem. Noon till 11:00pm Buy

Machshi 44 Yehuda Halevi 03-7408344 Order Machshi in a pita, machshi salad or machshi on a plate. Pickup or delivery. Buy
TATAMI Sushi and Asian 7 Einstein St 03-5007043 To Menu Buy

Pastaria 184 Ahuza St 09-7734383 To Menu Delivery or pick up at restaurant Buy

Black Bar N Burger 18 Hasivim St 03-9191891 To Menu Delivery in Petach Tikva only from Hasivim Location. Buy

Minato 8 Hamenofim 09-7731703 eLuna ordered take away from this gourmet restaurant. See our story. http://www.eluna.com/rest/MinatoH.asp Buy

Kfar Saba
Gohar 26 Hataas 09-7664533 To Menu Persian Jewish cuisine. Unique and delicious. Order take away for delivery in the Kfar Saba area or pick up your order. Orders accepted from Wednesday for Friday. Buy

Brisket Route 4, Sonol Gas Station 079-5595160 To Menu Just meats. Smoked and cooked in house. Delivery in 5 Towns area. Pickup coordinated with the restaurant. Buy

Shabbat Take Away

Catering for Shabbat and Chagim
These restaurants and caterers supply quality foods for shabbat and chagim. Contact the restaurant/caterer directly to order. Best to order by Wednesday to be safe. Arrange pick up or delvery directly with the supplier.

Note: There is no fee for pick up. The fee varies for delivery.

Name Address Phone Menu Notes Buy Voucher
Darna 3 Horkanos St 02-6245406 To Menu For a Moroccan Shabbat! NIS 200 shekel voucher toward take away food from Darna Restaurant. Buy
jerusalem Cuisine Take Away E https://jerusalemcuisine.co.il/ 02-6519821 To Menu Buy nis 250 coupon for 200 shekels. Delivery throughout Israel. NIS 500 minimum order Buy
Regina Hatachana, The Station 03-7367474 To Menu Friday pick up or delivery. Buy a 300 shekel coupon for 250 shekels. Buy