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34 Habad St, Old city, Jerusalem
Hashgacha: Rabbanut Yerushalayim, parve

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Open Sunday - Thursday: 12:00 noon til 10:00 pm. Closed Friday and Shabbat.

Seoul House Take Away & Delivery

November 2020
Seoul House confirms that Israel is the world's biggest melting pot of cultures, and Jerusalem is at its center. Of the many different cuisines, today In Jerusalem you can have authentic kosher Korean food.

Owner Zipora is actually Korean. She has brought this unique and delicious cuisine to Jerusalem.

Seoul House is located in an impressive wood structure in Jerusalem's Old City. The unique structure was designed by a Korean architect. The full Korea House experience is best realized at the restaurant itself, enjoying the cuisine in the wooden house where you can even sit on the floor if you prefer. For the full 9 yards you will have to go to Jerusalem. But there is another way.

For those not in the area, and during the Corona lockdown, the restaurant offers a menu of take away food for delivery or pick up. See the menus below and on the Seoul House facebook page.

Seoul House will deliver to addresses in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Bet Shemesh, Modiin, and other cities in this area, depending on the demand. Call the restaurant for the delivery schedule.

The menu is rich in rice dishes, vegetables, tofu and fish dishes. See the full menu
Note: not all foods on the full Korea House menu are available take away. Level of spicing is noted on the menu.

Some of the foods are prepared using conventional techniques and some are made using special equipment brought form Korea. It don't get more authentic than this. As much as we love the food, we love the prices. A dish, which is a full meal for one person, comes in at just 50+ shekels.

MachshiHere are some of the favorites.

* chapchae: Korean Glass noodles, sesame oil stir fried vegetables in chapchae sauce 58₪

* kimbap: Authentic Korean Sushi With sesame seasoned rice, Korean style omelette, cucumber, carrot, spinach and sweet Korean pickled radish.52₪

*sweet or spicy ttoek-bokk: iHouse made think and chewy traditional Korean rice noodles in a gochujang sauce sweetened with date syrup.58₪

* Tofu Jorim: Spicy marinated tofu in our house made sauce mixed with stir-fried mushrooms, onions, peppers, on a bed of fresh leafy greens.59₪


Machshi Cafe De Paris Tel Aviv
Steamed Rice bowl and seasonal vegetables with a fried egg and gochujang sauce, made from our fermented Korean red Chile paste.
Not available take away

Seoul House Take Away Menu

Click to enlarge. See the restaurant FB page Click to enlarge. See the restaurant FB page

Buy a 200 shekel Coupon at Seoul House Jerusalem, for just 180 shekels.
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