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5 Ibn Shaprut, Shaarei Hessed, Jerusalem
Telephone: 02-9964469
Kashrut: Mehadrin Kehilot

Open Thursday and Friday only. Thursday, 12 noon – 2am. Friday from 7:30am till 2pm.
Kashrut: Kehilot Hacharedit, Shmita Lchumra
Shabbos Bistro Catering and Take Away for Shabbat
July 2022
Shabbos Bistro is the place to buy truly delicious take away food in the authentic Ashkenazi tradition. These are the flavors of the “heim” if your ancestry is Eastern European. Chef Shlomo Rosenblum comes to Shabbos Bistro with a wealth of experience in the food industry. Manager Malkie couldn’t be more charming and helpful.

Shabbos Bistro attracts a mix of clients. Yeshiva students come from neighborhoods as far as Givat Mordechai, Mea Shearim and Har Nof. Alongside the black yeshivish garb, hats, and payot, are secular men and women and busloads of tourists. Shabbos Bistro is favored among celebrities and famous TV and media journalists. They do not deliver outside Jerusalem so it is not unusual for people to come up from Gush Dan.

Shabbos Bistro is open on Thursday and Friday only. On Thursday you can buy take away and enjoy the Shabbos food in the no-frills Shtissel-style restaurant open from noon till 2am. I’m betting that cholent at midnight is a delicacy that cannot be beat. Friday it is just take away.

The Shabbos Bistro signature dish is their home made cholent. There are 5 types of cholent: Standard Yerushalmi cholent, sweet potato and date honey cholent, spicy cholent with Alpino, and the famous meaty lamb cholent. Many have tried to imitate this recipe, but no one has succeeded yet. On Fridays Shabbos Bistro offers a vegetarian cholent. There is also a Mizrachi flavored cholent that we did not see. Cholent is sold by weight. The weight of the cholent, not your weight after you eat it.

Other than the cholent, Shabbos Bistro has a full selection of packaged foods in a large open refrigerated display case. There is Chicken soup with a separate container of fresh homemade thin noodles, the type that we have long given up making from scratch. or a container of kneidelach so much tastier than the kind that starts with a mix.

Potato kugel comes in a lined aluminum loaf pan that looks like everyone else’s potato kugel, but is light on the pepper and has the consistency that we favor, where the potatoes are shredded and not ground too thin. The pepper is saved for the Yerushalmi noodle kugel, an especially moist version of this kugel made with caramelized sugar and black pepper. This is sold in individually wrapped wedges cut from a large kugel cake.

Shabbos Bistro’s herring rivals my husband’s highly acclaimed home-made herring. We did not try the chopped liver or the P’tcha, (calves foot jelly) that they call Galeh.

Yapchek is a new one for me. This is a sheet of potato kugel with a layer of meat running through the center. Malkie says this is a Hungarian meichal but my very Hungarian better half was not familiar with this dish.

" Shalom Bayis" kugel is a Shabbos Bistro initiative, born when a couple could not agree on either the potato or Yerushalmi kugel. To satisfy both husband and wife, Shabbos Bistro sells a container with several slices of each.

Only 3 Slices of gefilte fish to a container? That’s not even enough for Kiddush!. Alas good things come in small containers. “Don’t take pictures of the gefilte fish!” Malkie implored as I ran around snapping shots of the foods in the refrigerator section. “It has no carrots. There must have been a glitch with the shmitta carrots!”

The delicious cole slaw and the cucumber salad are products of Shabbos Bistro. What they do not make in house, they sell from the highest level suppliers. Challot, cookies and (dairy) danishes come from Gerlitz bakery. Salads are Monte Carlo. Sliced packaged meats from the boutique La Delicatesse, and (parve) sweets from Royal chocolates .

Place your foods from Shabbos Bistro on your Shabbat Plata and enjoy the aromas that wafted through the homes of Eastern Europe, in your own home in Medinat Yisrael.

How to get there....Shabbos Bistro is hidden on the most unassuming location, in a totally residential street in Shaarei Hessed. With a little luck you will find Shabbos Bistro. Look for the white sign peering out between the trees. Parking is a challenge.

From the bill: Cholent by weight. Potato kugel NIS 25. Heafty wedge of kugel Yerushalmi NIS 25. Cole slaw and cucumber salad, NIS 29. Gefilte fish NIS 32. Royal parve chocolates NIS 32.

Click here for a 5% discount coupon on orders of 500 shekels or more (not including delivery fee). Print out this coupon and present it with your order.