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3 Nafha St. off Shenkin, Ginat Shenkin, Tel Aviv
Telephone: 03-677-1770
Kashrut: Rabanut Tel Aviv - Yaffo (Dairy)

Open Sunday - Thursday: 9:00 am. - 11:00 pm. Friday: 9:00 am. - 1:00 pm. Open Motzei Shabbat. Closed Shabbat.

Baker's Patisserie

August 2016
What is it about fresh baked breads that strikes a chord in all humanity?
Baker’s is a French patisserie in the heart of Tel Aviv, specializing in yummy breads, baguettes, pastries and croissants. These beautiful delectables are handmade, in house, under the baton of pastry chef and restaurant partner Alex. Alex studied in Paris under Eric Kayser, the French chef and entrepreneur who founded “Eric Kayser Artisan Boulanger” shops throughout Paris. Learning from his mentor, Alex has brought Baker’s Patisserie to Tel Aviv.

award winning croissantThe breads and pastries at Baker’s pass the taste test. French folks from far and wide flock to Baker’s Patisserie for the real thing. Time Out Tel Aviv magazine numbers Baker’s among the 10 best patisseries in Tel Aviv, kosher and non-kosher.  Achbar Hair called Baker’s the best croissants in Tel Aviv.

With that in mind we set out to Baker’s Patisserie to see for ourselves. Baker’s Patisserie is at 3 Nafcha St, just steps off Shenkin St., facing the Shenkin street Garden. This is a block-long garden/playground, a beautiful green space in the middle of the city. A row of green Tel Aviv bicycles are parked alongside the park and indeed, the atmosphere is very European. Those bicycles would come in handy because parking on Shenkin St after 5pm is restricted to Tel Aviv residents only.

Bakers kitchen

About The Baker's Menu

Baker’s is Lior Glickman’s domain. After years in the corporate world, owner Lior realized a dream and opened this bakery café.  When you enter the country-style café you are struck by the lovely display of French breads, baguettes, brioche, quiches and other pastries, available at a table in the restaurant or to take home. Teudat kashrut is also prominently displayed at the entrance.

All the breads are sourdough. Sandwiches are available made with this bread or with rolls and pastries.  There are also pizza-style open-face pastries. These are all on display on shelves and behind glass counters in the café. Home made with fresh and natural ingredients are the operative words at Baker’s Patisserie. All the dishes are home made using the best ingredients. Keeping up with trendy shenkin street, vegetarian and vegan dishes are available.

Baker's Pastry
Baker’s menu changes with the seasons and availability. Since it is volatile, the menu is printed on loose sheets held together on a clip board. Additional timely items appear on blackboards at the entrance to the restaurant. Refreshing sorbet or yogurt based fruit shakes with a variety of fruit seemed to be the item of the day on the warm summer day that we visited the café.

Breakfast is offered throughout the day. Aha, said my dining companion, as he fixed his eye on the Eggs Benedict. He enjoyed 2 slices of toasted challa made with spinach and tomato, amental cheese and a poached egg topped with hollandaise sauce.  I could make this breakfast a late-lunch any day. My choice, the Baker’s quiche platter, is an attractive dish including an individual quiche,  a small salad and a drink.  The quiche had a delicious flakey crust with either mushroom or cheese filling.

Baker's Eggs Benedict

Alas, one cannot visit Baker’s Patisserie and leave without trying one of their award winning pastries. What do you recommend? I asked the waitress. We were served a delicious warm vanilla croissant, with twisted flakey crust and sweet vanilla filling topped with sliced almonds. I was thinking of taking this home and eating it later, but I am glad that we stayed to eat it at the restaurant. They heated it up just right, retaining the crusty pastry, without drying it out or burning it (as I sometimes do when reheating). For your sweet tooth, Baker’s has a separate dessert menu. Belgian chocolate fudge with vanilla ice cream sounds good, for another time. Leave your diet at home when you visit this restaurant, and for once enjoy some seriously delicious French delicacies. How do the French women keep their girlish figures eating these foods?

Baker’s offers trays for entertaining.  We saw a lovely tray of cheeses that must come with their not-to-be-missed breads. They deliver within Tel Aviv for a 50 shekel fee.

From the menu: Eggs Benedict NIS 44. Quiche platter NIS 42.  Vegan sandwich NIS 15. Salads approximately NIS 50. Pasta dishes approx. NIS 50. Frenc pastries NIS 11-16. Baked Cheese cake NIS 29. Childrens portions NIS 30.

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