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Hatachana, The Station (Building 10) Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv
Tel: 03-7367474 
Kashrut: Rabanut Tel Aviv
Glatt Kosher (Mehadrin) with Hachshara from Rabbi Yosef Gerltzki from Chabad

Open Sunday - Thursday: 2:00 pm -11:00pm. OpenTwo hours after Shabbat - 11:30 pm. Closed Friday and Shabbat.

Revisited January 2024
Regina restaurant is at the entrance of Hatachana, the old train station, built by the Templers over 200 years ago. Today Hatachana is a trendy Tel Aviv entertainment center with restaurants and boutique shops.
The Restaurant has a simple and rustic design that reflects the style of Hatachana with its preserved structures, original wooden train platform and tracks. Scroll to the bottom of this page for more about Hatachana.

There is indoor seating, but if you want the full experience sit outdoors in either their courtyard or one of the other outdoor areas. We loved the charming (non-smoking) courtyard made comfortable in the summer by large fans and shaded from the daytime sun by large umbrellas.

We have been following Regina for more than a decade through two owners and many different chefs. Despite the difficulties of winter and wartime we believe that today the restaurant is the best version of itself.

Chef Shimon Atias comes to Regina with a rich resume from kosher hotels and fine restaurants throughout Israel. This is a chef who loves his work and who goes the extra mile to create dishes that are both esthetic and delicious. He knows that first you eat with your eyes and then the taste.

We started our meal with the grilled eggplant, This was a swirl of the meat of the eggplant on a platter of techina with a tasting bowl of lemon juice. The techina was decorated with a pattern of hearts, a very charming addition.  My companion loves soup, no matter the weather. But on this cold and rainy day, soup was a natural choice. The green lentil soup was hot, thick, and filling.

In February 2024 master chef Shimon will treat you to a tasting of soup hot off the stove with your dinner. Present your eLuna coupon.

For our main dishes I chose fish and my companion chose a meat dish. He enjoyed a generous portion of warm Asado stew in a rich sweet sauce. The meat was beautifully presented on an oblong platter laden with big chunks of meat with a mound of rice. The beef is slow-cooked for 3 hours in vegetables, giving it a sweet taste. The meat was soft, with a bit of fat and a brown gravy with silan, or date honey. The rice was perfect with the gravy of the meat . My grilled salmon fillet was served with a healthy portion of chips, my choice over rice or potatoes.

This veteran restaurant with its great location and its homey atmosphere, has been drawing diners for decades. Folks choose Regina for birthday parties and even weddings. Over the years memories have been made at the restaurant. Regina can host parties from 12 guests to 130 guests.

“We want to make our mom a birthday party” the caller said, “and the only place she will consider is Regina. You see, Regina was the last restaurant that my parents came to together, before my father lost his life in Gaza. For my mom Regina is not just a restaurant. It is a memory.”

A pleasant surprise awaited another family, celebrating their son’s recovery after being wounded in Gaza. While the son was hospitalized, a lovely lady came to sing for the soldiers on the ward. The singer, they discovered, was none-other than their waitress at Regina. There was a moving, unexpected and tearful reunion. 

From the Menu:
Grilled eggplant starter NIS 48
Winter soup NIS 44
salmon fillet with chips or baked potatoes NIS 108
Asado main dish with rice NIS 118

Hatachana. The Historic Templer Train Station

The new/old Tel Aviv train station is a popular Tel Aviv attraction with lovely restaurants, stylish shops, and a generous helping of Israeli history. Regina meat restaurant was a pioneer in this location. It is a toss up as to whether Hatachana brings the visitors to Regina or if Regina restaurant brings the visitors to Hatachana.

Hats off to the city of Tel Aviv for the wonderful renovation of this city landmark. Originally one of Montifiores projects, the train station developed over a period that includes the Templers and the British. Original buildings, some 200 years old, are renovated and beautified. It is very exciting architecturally and I am sure that each building comes with a good story. Regina restaurant is housed in the former home of the train station guard (Nice perk for this job).

Getting There:
Hatachana is at the southern end of Neve Tzedek, just north of Jaffa, on the eastern side of the coastal road. There is a convenient pay parking lot at the entrance to Hatachana. Waze will get you there.

The restaurant is in building 10, just a few steps from the entrance to Hatachana.

Click here for a 10% discount coupon on your next order at Regina. Print out this coupon and present it at the restaurant.