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Tripolitan Style Food near the Clock Tower
8 Pinchas Ben-Yair, Jaffa
Tel: 072-2772337

Kashrut: Rabbanut Tel Aviv

Open Sunday - Thursday: 11:00am till 6:30pm. Friday 11:00am till 2:00pm. Closed Shabbat.

Slow cooking has come full circle. One of the oldest forms of cooking, slow cooking has made a come-back in the last decade with crock-pots and slo-cookers. The original slow-cooked foods are stews that simmer for many hours over an open flame. These are rich, hearty and delicious stews that are flavored according to the culinary heritage of their cook.

Faraji restaurant specializes in authentic, open fire, slow cooked Tripolitan dishes. The flavors hail from Libya with Italian influences. As you approach Faraji restaurant in the Jaffa flea market, the overwhelming aroma of home style bean soup simmering on the flame will bring you inside. Or maybe it's the couscous stewing with beef or chicken that entices you. Either way, once you have entered Faraji restaurant you will have come to the right place.

Faraji is a family restaurant dating back to 1956. That was the year that patriarch Faraji immigrated to Israel from Tripoli, Libya. His original small restaurant served North African style foods, slow-cooked on kerosene stoves. Now son David and his wife have reopened father Faraji restaurant on Ben Yair in Jaffa's flea market, where they continue the traditional cooking method.

This is good, hearty, no-frills cooking. Don't look for fancy courses and elaborate decor. The delicious food and reasonable prices speak for themselves.

Simple first courses, like humous, tehina, or pickled cabbage, are served in small bowls with fresh home made bread to whet your appetite. There are four types of soups to choose from - pea, bean, vegetable, or lentil. Nearly all the stews are served on a bed of couscous. And not just any couscous, mind you, The slow cooked meat and vegetables are tender and have a delicate texture. Other mouth watering options include vegetables stuffed with rice and meat, beans with roasted beef, Charima, fish served with a special hot sauce, or breast of chicken from the grill. Vegetarians will be happy with shakshuka or the couscous with vegetables. Drinks include cold beer as well as homemade lemonade.

Faraji offers original and unique desserts. Tripoli Tea, a sweet tea with roasted peanuts, is served with Safra cake, made from semolina and dates.

When it's time to pay the bill, you'll be smiling since a full meal can be had for under NIS 100.

Faraji can host small parties for up to 25 people. In short, Faraji offers authentic ethnic food at a great price.

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