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eLuna Gift Certificates

"What a gift! Who would have thought of it?"
Here's a gift that everyone can use. A gift certificate to an eLuna restaurant!

Buy certificates on line and they will be delivered within a day or two by email. The recipient just print it, presents it, and says thank you.

Send your favorite folks to your favorite restaurant or let them choose their own. See about eLuna gift certificates.

Here are some occasions for gift certificates ...

  • With tremendous appreciation for all your help always, especially during the time of the campaign. We are blessed to have you in our ... Family.
    January 2020

  • Blessings on your birthday dear! With all our love.
    January 2020

  • Everyone so greatly appreciated your beautiful tefila over Rosh HaShana and the efforts that you and your family made in order that you could be there with us. Shavua tov and all the very best - on behalf of the Kehila.
    January 2020

  • Thank you so much for all the wonderful Friday nights we shared with you at your home. Your hospitality is so amazing and welcoming. The food, the guests your welcoming warmth make Shabbat dinner with you so special. Thank you for including us. May you continue to host in good health for many years to come
    January 2020

  • This is a gift certificate for winning the competition.
    January 2020

  • We are so grateful for all the hard work you do to support our families! We want to treat you and ... to a well deserved night out.
    January 2020
  • Your love and devotion has not gone unnoticed. We may not say it often enough, but you are the heart and soul of our organizaion. To say that we couldn't do it without you, is the understatement of the year! Please take some time and treat yourselves out - it's really just a token of our appreciation for all you do, and more than that, for how you do it - with love, grace and no drama. all the best.
    January 2020
  • To Coach,
    We want to thank you for an amazing year of fun baseball!
    You really put your whole heart and mind into your coaching and you did a great job at balancing between disciple , caring for the players and making it fun for them.
    You managed to deal with all the annoying and challenging logistics of the games and always with patience and a sense of humor.
    [the boys] really enjoyed baseball with you and they learned so much. Thanks so much ...

    June 2019

    Thank you so much for your weekly class in Navi, We all are learning so much with you and appreciate your knowledge and lively presentation.
    All the Best,
    Your Wednesday afternoon class

    June 2019

    Thank you for everything. Your love for our children is unique. They are happy, are growing and developing beautifully because of their time that they spend with you. No words can express our gratitude.
    There is no one like you. Thank you again for an amazing year.

    June 2019

    Thank you so much first for your incredible friendship and also for the carpool rides ... We are greatful and touched. Your kindness has no bounds. May Hashem only blessed you with all the kindness and love just like you give to others.
    All our love

    June 2019

  • Congratulations!! We are so proud of you!
    You deserve a night out to celebrate just the 2 of you!
    This gift certificate comes with babysitting services!
    We love you! Mazal tov!!!!

    June 2019

  • Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary. Enjoy a special meal together and think back to your first dates and wedding and may you have many many happy and healthy days together
    with love your shadchanit and sister
    june 2019
  • Thank you so much for your gracious invitation. very much looking forward to spending time with you in your beautiful home!
  • June 2019
  • Thank you for everything you have done for us this year. This gift is a small token of our great appreciation and affection.
    June 2019
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