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Ahuza 124, Raanana
Kashrut Mehadrin Mahpud

Open Sunday - Thursday, 12:00 noon till 10:00pm. Closed Friday and Shabbat.

B12 Grill House

February 2024
B12 is a new fast-food meat restaurant in the Pozin Center on Ahuza St in the center of Raanana. There is a large selection of meat dishes with salad and sides. Dishes range from basic burgers in a bun to high end veal chops. As you like.

Owner Yaron says that meat symbolizes for him, strength and energy. A good meat dish is a big dose of vitamin B12, and so he named the restaurant. You could take this vitamin in pill format but it would not be nearly as fun and eating at the restaurant.

The dining area of the restaurant is open to the Pozen courtyard. The sides can be closed but even open, it is comfortable, reminiscent of eating on an open patio.

Our biggest dilemma at B12 was what to choose. There are so many choices and so many good dishes it is hard to decide. There is no printed menu. Ordering is high-tech, which will be natural for the young generation and the young at heart among us.

Order your meal on one of the two electronic machines at the entrance to the restaurant. This is a waiterless self-ordering process. It is just you and the machine! You may have run into this at other fast-food restaurants in malls or elsewhere. . This may challenge some less familiar with this system, but not to worry. The staff will walk you through it.

First take your time and peruse the electronic menu. Once you have chosen your meal you can pay on the machine by cash, credit card or the app on your phone. The whole process is automatic. When your order is ready, you receive a text message on your mobile phone.

Main courses are categorized by the way they are served. If you want to order a burger on a plate with chips, for example, first choose the burger menu. For other meat courses, choose the " in a pita" menu,"in a laffa" menu or "on a plate" the menu for dishes served on plates. Every choice prompts a photos of the those dishes with the option you have chosen, so you see exactly what you are ordering.

Having chosen the presentation and the type of meat, you choose the side dishes like the chips humus, salads, and the condiments like ketchup or whatever. Then back to the main menu to choose the beverages.  Repeat for each person in your party, then choose your payment method. If this seems complicated, by the time you have done it once or twice you will be an old hand. The staff is there to show you how it’s done.

I met a friend at B12 for lunch in a sunny break on a rainy day last week. We ordered two main course platters to share. The pargit steak came with a three side dishes, and the pargit steak came with two, so out of the many options available, we chose a green salad, onion rings, French Fries, humus, and balls of fried mashed potatoes.

The waiter came over afterward and offered us pitot, for which we were not charged. We had forgotten to order drinks, but no problem. Back to the machine, order a coke and a beer, pay again easily with the G-Pay app on my phone and select our drinks from the display case.

We both liked the steak, even though there was no option for how well done we wanted it. The pargit less so, especially since I thought it was more like grilled chicken breast than pargit. The side dishes were just what we wanted and went well with the meat. The broad selection of condiments included with our main choice was more than enough.

B12 restaurant is the sister business to the B12 butchery at Ahuza 77. The owner is very proud of the high standards or kashrut at both the butchery and the restaurant. He has extensive experience in the restaurant business at several Jerusalem establishments. I guess that is how he came to design such an efficient workflow for the Posen Center restaurant.

Location: The restaurant has a central position in the courtyard, on the east side of the building, next to the main entrance to the center. Seating is in an covered area which can be enclosed by drop-down shutters if the heaters or air coolers are needed.

From the Menu

Pargit on a plate NIS 70
Chicken breast plate NIS 60
Kebab Eastern Flavors NIS 70
Shnitzel NIS 60

Click here for a coupon entitling you to a 5% discount Print out this coupon and present it at the restaurant or show it on the eLuna app.