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Beef Bar Steakhouse & Burger Bar
8 Beni Ga'on St, Netanya
Tel: 09-865-7772

Kashrut: Meat Glatt Beit Yosef
Chickens all mehadrin.
Kashrut Rabbanut Netanya

Sunday - Thursday, 11: 00 am till 00: 00 am Friday, 11: 00 am til the Sabbath entrance. Saturday , The Sabbath exit - 00: 00 am.

Beef Bar Steak House & Burger Bar is an upscale version of the Israeli steakiya. If you are a steaks and burgers fan, this is a fine dining experience where you can pamper yourself and the whole family.

A word about the kashrut: Beef Bar is the only restaurant in Israel with kashrut supervision that addresses every preference. The vast majority of the meat is chalak (glatt), and on any given day they can tell you which cuts are available with the kashrut of Bet Yosef, Rav Mahfud or Rav Mazufi. The restaurant prides itself in that their steaks and burgers accommodate the full spectrum of dati customers.

The kashrut standard does not compromise the quality of the meat, which is mostly brought to the restaurant from Ramat Hagolan. Connoisseurs of meat cuts will note the quality immediately.

Make no mistake about it, As its namesake, Beef Bar is a beef eaters meat restaurant. The menu features 10 kinds of steak and 9 kinds of burgers. There are also some chicken and one salmon alternative - a slight nod to non-beef eaters.

Beef Bar is your go-to restaurant for unabashed huge portions of meat. Most steaks are available in sizes from 200 grams and up, with 300 grams the default size. Burgers come in sizes of 160 grams up to 1 and 2 kilo sizes! For people who cant choose, there are combo platters of grilled meats. If you must, there are starter courses, foccacias, several side dishes and alcohol.

What goes better with meat than beer, and there is a selection. Red meat and red wine go hand in hand, and Beef Bar offers a good selection of wines to go with your meat. And then there are the cocktails and a rolling bar.

If you a 2 kilo burger does not sound like a lot to you, meet the "Beef Bar Challenge." Finish the 2 kilo burger (including the roll) and you wont have to pay for it. You'll also get a free T-shirt and hat (size XL I assume). We didn'tt see any contenders but we understand that when a customer takes on the challenge he/she is greeted with a fanfare - a gong, a procession of waiters, and a bucket of fries is poured over the platter.

On our visit to Beef Burger Steak House we decided to skip the starters, cut to the chase- the steaks. I had the Feedlot Steak, one of the lead steaks on the menu. This was brought to the table on a sizzling planchet placed on a fitted wooden base. If you are wondering how well done you want your steak, see Beef Bars philosophy on a huge poster. Slices of meat, says the poster, "are served from raw to f****ing ruined (overcooked). Medium is their ideal, as in any good philosophy.

Meat dishes are placed in the center of the table. The etiquette for diners sharing and those not sharing is to cut off a portion of the steak and move it to a personal wooden cutting board. The meat was tender, cooked medium-well (as I had requested), and not excessively fatty. It was a very satisfying steak. The meat was accompanied by a tasty New York style cole slaw, again my choice for the side dish, that was flavored with a touch of onions and some herb that I couldnt identify.

My companion chose the grilled salmon, which was also done to a medium well, and accompanied by an unusual side of crinkle-cut sweet potato fries. The sweet potato fries are a specialty at Beef Bar and are not to be missed. We shared the fries and the cole slaw, and we both had a satisfying meal.

This very meaty restaurant offers a full selection of luscious chocolaty parve desserts. We shared a treat called Ferraro Rochard, a large ball of chocolate cream coated with crushed peanuts. Now here's a surprise - after the full meal the desert was too much for the two of us to finish.

The Beef Bar decor is worthy of mention. Everything about the decor says meat, from the equestrian theme - the saddles at the entrance, riding boots, blankets, . to the dark leather booths reminiscent of an American diner - or the Seinfield diner, whatever your association.

There is seating for 50 on the patio that is covered in the winter and open in the summer and an indoor VIP room for up to 12. At the rear of the restaurant is a large climate controlled case where Beef Bar ages their own meat.

Beef Bar attracts both families and businesses. At Beef Bar you will get personal service. This is nota fast-food restaurant and your order may take another minute to arrive.

Getting There and Parking: Beef Bar is located in a shopping center behind Ikea. Parking is plentiful and easy in the outdoor parking lot. Waze leads you right to the parking lot.

Though not absolutely necessary, if you are coming as a group reservations are strongly advised.

From the menu: Feedlot Steak about 110 for 200 grams, deserts 39-45 A 3-course dinner for two with soft drinks comes to about NIS 250.

From eLuna Members
date:2018-August-11 Name of restaurant:Beef Bar Steak House
comment:We had a fabulous meal with great service on - so good we’re going back on Sunday evening
submitted by:Landes Steven

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