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12 Yo'el Moshe Salomon St, Nachalat Shiva, Jerusalem
Tel: 02-625-6488
Kashrut: Rabbanut Yerushalayim Mehuderet

Open Sunday - Thursday:12 noon - 3am. Open Motzei Shabbat till 3am. Closed Friday and Shabbat.

Blue Hall Music Restaurant

December 2015, Revisited January 2017
Blue Hall Restaurant is located in the Music Square complex off Yoel Moshe Solomon Street in Nachalat Shiva. Blue Hall is unique in that it is underground, under the square. This gives the restaurant plenty of room for individual tables, parties, and a separate bar, all running at once. The entrance to the restaurant is either down a flight of stairs or by elevator from the outdoor square. The restaurant is wheelchair-accessible by an elevator in the lobby.

Originally a bar, Blue Hall has repositioned itself as a swanky chef bar/restaurant with live music. There are several rooms, with the overall feeling of brightly lit caves or an old-time speakeasy. As this is Music Square, there is live music 3 nights a week at 9pm. (nightly in the warm season)

Blue Hall - Indoors

The Blue Hall Bar

Though now this establishment is a full restaurant, Blue Hall takes pride in its bar. The full bar which dominates the room at the entrance, offers a great selection of alcohol and mixed cocktails. Blue Hall - BarThere is a short food menu of snacks and sandwiches to go with the drinks. In addition to bar seating there are standard tables, which is great if you are a group.
Note that the Blue Hall bar is a closed room where smoking is permitted.

Bartenders often have original recipes, and Blue Hall's experienced staff has their specialties. These are offered alongside the traditional cocktails that we know and love.

Kosher restaurants with a knowledgeable bartender are a relatively new phenomenon and one that you should enjoy.

The Blue Hall Restaurant Menu

When Blue Hall expanded to a full restaurant, they did it with gusto. The restaurant offers a high-end meat menu overseen by Chef Alex Platisky, best known in the non-kosher culinary scene. We began our meal with guacamole served with homemade nachos and flavored with smoked paprika. Not only was the guacamole superb, the nachos, made in house, werexcellent. There is a world of difference between packaged nachos and Blue Hall nachos. Everyone who comes to Blue Hall is on to their nachos, as so many people order this dish.

We hear that Donald Trump loves his nachos. This is an invitation to the Donald. On your next visit, give us a call, and we'll get you the real thing.

Blue Hall - Assorted Entrees Blue Hall - Steak Pargiot

Next we had the sea fish ceviche with cherry tomatoes, red onion, radish, coriander and chili, seasoned with olive oil and lemon on eggplant cream. I dutifully tried the ceviche, although it is not my favorite food, and I have to admit that the combination of flavors was amazing. These starter dishes were accompanied by a loaf of fresh warm bread with three dips: olive oil with balsamic vinegar, Turkish salad, and spicy olio. We also enjoyed an excellent garden salad with an olive oil and lemon dressing.

For our mains, I went with the meat and my companion chose the fish. I chose the Rib steak strips seasoned with mustard sauce and my companion chose the grilled salmon filet cooked Teppanyaki style. The rib steak strips, which are normally available from the snacks menu at the bar, were cooked medium well and were absolutely delicious.  The salmon was flavored with a sweet sauce that might have been teriyaki, and was fresh, flaky and mouthwatering.

More about the unique architecture....
The restaurant is carved out of the Jerusalem hillside underneath the Music Center as a series of intersecting tunnels. This affords a number of areas suitable for keeping moderate sized group separate from each other. You will be comfortable if you come with a family or friends, or the entire restaurant can serve as the venue for smachot or business meetings. There is a stage at the end of one of the larger areas, with screens and speakers that bring the performances to all areas of the restaurant. The walls are white and curved overhead, with direct and indirect lighting, giving the restaurant a modern look.
Take a look at the customer reviews attached below. Blue Hall Music restaurant is unquestionably a go-to place for fun and good food in Jerusalem.

From the menu: Starters: Soup of the day NIS 34, Salmon Tartare NIS 54, The Blue Hall Sausages NIS 99. Main Courses: Stuffed Lamb Skewers: NIS 73, Chateau Briand (for two): NIS 259, Entrecotes Steak (240 gr) NIS 99, Beef Fillet Medallions NIS 119, Salmon Fillet NIS 105.

From Our Readers:
Submitted by: Joanne Haas Barth Date: 4 Feb 2016. Desc: Just wanted to tell you that we found Blue Hall Music on eluna and went last night for my birthday. We had a wonderful dinner, accompanied by music. The waitress was a doll.
We will definitely be going back. Thanks so much for putting Blue Hall on eluna!

Submitter: From Tripadvisor . Date: August 2015. Description: A splendid restaurant !! This restaurant is absolutely awesome ! The embellishment is wonderful,alloying the old with the modern.The food is succulent,I ate good salads,a parguit and a frozen nougat : It was delicious ! The staff is cool and friendly.Furthermore,there was a likeable music band playing the guitar.This place is merely fairy.Nevertheless,although there is a free wifi,the cellular network isn't available.But,this location is so fantastic that you can forget the network for a while.I really enjoyed this lively place. Visited August 2015

Submitter: From Tripadvisor . Date: July 2015. Description: if you search for a fine dining Kosher restaurant, this is the place. Located in the Music Square, a great place to visit due to the activity, live music from 11am till 11pm, than the show will continue at the restaurant, serving fine gourmet food, you will love the atmosphere check their site.

Submitter: From Tripadvisor . Date: December 2014. Description: Recommend experience for music and food lovers. I was in the blue hall music on Thursday night and enjoyed the live music and the great food. I liked especially the burgers and club sandwich. Very recommended place in Jerusalem and in Israel. I'm surely getting back for a second visit.

Submitter: From Tripadvisor . Date: December 2014. Description: Even since the re-openning, this place is one of Jerusalems's finnest bars. Jerusalem don't have many, or at all, classic live music bars. The new blue hall is exactly this, along with a fantastic white look (with colorful lights). Wonderful

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