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Caffe Yaffo
11 Olei Tzion, Tel-Aviv
In the Tel-Aviv/Jaffa Flea Market
Tel: 03-5181988


Open Sunday - Thursday: 11:00am - 11:00pm, Friday 9:00am - 1 hour before Shabbat. Closed Shabbat.

August 2020 update
New Meat Menu
You have to visit Caffè Yaffo in Jaffa's Flea Market (Hebrew: Shuk Hapishpeshim) several times a year to keep up with the ongoing evolution of this restaurant. Most recently the restaurant has converted from a dairy menu to a meat menu. The entire menu is available for take out. The restaurant is now under the kashrut supervision of Tzohar. See the meat menu.

Caffè Yaffo is one of several trendy restaurants on Olei Tzion and neighboring streets, but it is the only kosher restaurant. After dark the Jaffa flea market transforms into a hopping entertainment area. The well-lit streets and busy restaurants create a festive atmosphere. Several of the shops near the restaurants remain open in the evening to to capture some of the restaurant traffic. You gotta see it to believe it.


Caffè Yaffo has a private room for smachot of up to 35 guests. It has its own sound system and projection equipment. It also has its own entrance, so your guests will never even notice the full restaurant on the other side of the movable wall. The main dining area has been reworked to include small tables that can be moved together for larger parties. The menu now includes a section of vegan, gluten-free and health dishes. .

The Cafe Yaffo Menu
We have always enjoyed the food at Caffè Yaffo. Pizzas and fresh breads are made fresh in the Tabun oven. Menu items include burgers, salads, fish and several health foods.

Nir and Orna Givon, the dynamic and energetic team that owns and runs this restaurant listen to their customers.

Following requests from their health-minded guests, several vegan and gluten-free dishes were added to the menu. We were determined to try some of these dishes on this visit to the restaurant.

The menu offers a great selection of soft and alcoholic drinks. The restaurant suggested Shandy: beer mixed with sprite (or ginger ale), something that we had not thought about since our college days. That's going back a bit. There is a full bar with a menu of cocktails, something we will have to try when we are not driving.

From the menu:

Burgers NIS 54 - 69. Sides (chips/salad) NIS 14 - 18. Vegan pizza NIS 66. lentil meatballs: NIS 69, fish: NIS 98. Meat salad: NIS 54. .

More about Caffè Yaffo

Caffè Yaffo is a corner restaurant at the center of the Jaffa restaurant scene. There is plenty of seating inside and additional seating outside (weather permitting). The unique and creative interior design is 60's retro. Bright colors, large prints, and clever-kitch lamps and other accessories makes this a fun and very different kind of cafe/restaurant.

Nir and Orna are Jaffa chauvinist, and Jaffa could not find better PR. The restaurant runs tours of Jaffa, lectures and cultural events all celebrating Jaffa. Foremost is the live musical entertainment every week. We missed it on this visit, but we have had the pleasure of hearing a group singing Mediterranean and Greek music and other entertainers singing songs of the 60's. Note: the performance begins after 9pm and there is a cover charge.

Picture this: The main dining area is cozy and seats about 50 - 60 guests. The group of 4 - 5 perform on a low dais at the front. You can practically reach your hand out and touch the instruments. Lights are dimmed, the food and drink flow. It is a private concert. Just wonderful. All we could think of was who we want to invite to join us on our next visit to the restaurant.

Getting There: Olei Zion Street was once the main road from the Jaffa sea port to Jerusalem. Olei Zion cuts east/west across the lower part of Tel-Aviv/Yaffo, turning into Kibbutz Galuyot Blvd at the eastern end. There is free street parking after 7pm.

Parking: There is street parking in the evening and a pay parking lot around the corner. Turn at the corner just after the restaurant and see the entrance to the lot squeezed between two buildings on the next block.

Click here for a 10% discount coupon on your next order at Caffè Yaffo Restaurant. Print out this coupon and present it at the restaurant.