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Carmi's Restaurant & Cafe
The Solomon Center
9 Hativat Golani St., Shimshoni, Modiin
Telephone: 08-975-5975
Kashrut: Rav Eliyahu Elharar (Mehadrin, dairy) - Rav of Modiin.

Open Sunday - Thursday: 8:30 am. - 11:00 pm. Friday: 8:00 am. - 1:00 pm. Open Motzei Shabbat: 8:30 pm. till 12:00 midnight. Closed Shabbat.

Carmi's Cafe Restaurant

August 2015
Carmi's has graduated. Once just a pizza shop, Carmi's is now a full-fledged dairy restaurant. And what a restaurant!

The restaurant space is now much larger and - I must say - beautifully designed. Tables are nicely spaced, with a combination of chairs and banquettes. There is a mix-n-match of wood-topped tables and tables covered in tiles. Light wood, cheerful colors and streaming light from the outdoor patio make this a happy and up-beat place to dine.

The establishment continues to be run by Carmi, with the addition of his wife and partner Yafit. Not just a place to work, the restaurant is their second home. They have invested a huge amount of themselves in this restaurant, that they run with love. This is not something that you find everywhere.
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Our Visit to Carmi's

Carmi's is a family restaurant, and as such we visited the restaurant with our pre-teen grandson during his summer vacation. The menu offers a nice selection of high end Italian dishes for adult tastes without forgetting the younger set.

The new full menu is being tested as we write. We perused the menu, currently in Hebrew.

What, may I ask, is Artichoke Yehudi? and while I am asking, what is a goat cheese schnitzel?
Artichoke Yehudi turned out to be a delicious platter of cooked artichokes on a bed of white cheese, red onion, and sliced almonds flavored with basil. Saba could not get enough of this dish. I preferred the goat cheese schnitzel, three balls of crumb-coated goat cheese on a bed of red and yellow antipasti. The menu calls this Pepper Carpacio.

Carmi's gnocchi is called Pasta Purpura. It is served in a red sauce made with cream and tomatoes. The dish also contains beets, shallots, basil and roasted almonds. I think I got that right. Junior was so happy with the gnocchi It was hard to wrestle it out of his hands. Who wudda thought. Then came the pizza. Not just any pizza, This is the chef's pizza, without tomato sauce. The dough is topped with cream and cheese instead, and is topped with garlic pieces, and many other goodies. Chef's pizza is so delicious, calling it pizza gives the wrong impression.

"You have made me happy!" my grandson exclaimed looking at the many dishes on the table. But that was nothing compared to his face when the chocolate cake was delivered to our table. While he was digging in, Saba and I enjoyed a delicious piece of baked cheese cake. You won't find these desserts anywhere else. At Carmi's everything is made in house, from the pasta to the desserts.

You've got to visit this restaurant for yourself to appreciate the quality, the creativity, and the flavors of the foods. When you do, next time somebody says "Carmi's. the pizza pasta place," you will know what to answer.

Carmi's - Outdoor patio

Also on the Carmi's menu:
The menu ranges from breakfast to pasta and pizzas and a load of other delicious Italian specialties.There are also child-size and child-priced portions.

Carmis - Indoors

Parties at Carmi's
The calling card of the new design is their outdoor patio. Take in the view from its perch on the upper floor of the Solomon Center. Carmi's hosts parties, smachot, and get togethers of all kinds on the patio. Reasonably priced menus are available for bar/bat mitzva parties, sheva brachot, birthdays, etc. The delicious food combined with the happy decor and the friendly service makes this the go-to restaurant for your simcha, A good time is guaranteed for all.

Getting There: Carmi's Cafe Restaurant is located in the Solomon Center in the Shimshoni Section of Modi'in. The Solomon center has shops on three levels (with an elevator). Carmis is on the top floor. Street parking and underground parking in the building.

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