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Denya Cafe Restaurant
35 Kanfei Nesharim, Givat Shaul, Jerusalem
Tel: 02-647 5553
Kashrut: Rabbanut Yerushalayim Mehadrin
Open Sunday - Thursday: 8:00am. - 11:00pm. Friday 8:00am - 1:30pm. Motzash till 11:00pm. Closed Shabbat.

Denya Cafe Restaurant

December 2019
The original Denya Cafe in Beit Hakerem, has opened a second branch of this successful cafe in Givat Shaul. The branch restaurant is comfortable and beautifully designed. It is a spacious restaurant and a perfect venue for parties. Denya Givat Shaul offers the same menu as the Beit Hakerem branch, so if you liked it at Beit Hakerem, you can enjoy it again in Givat Shaul.

Cafe Denya and Katzefet ice cream parlor go hand in hand. You won't be surprised that d
esserts ordered at Denya are prepared at Katzefet.

Denya is a pleasant cafe/restaurant with a full dairy (mehadrin) menu. We consider Denya more of a restaurant than a cafe because it offers such a full choice. There are pasta dishes, salads, pizza and focaccia, as well as several fish dishes. The dishes are served creatively and elegantly.

You will be greeted warmly at Denya, whether you are there for just a drink or for a full meal. But whatever you choose, don't miss the smoothies.

The menu at Denya Givat Shaul is the same as the menu at the Beit Hakerem restaurant. The menu is available in both Hebrew and English. We were happy to see that several items were added to the original menu that we enjoyed in Beit Hakerem some time ago.

The cauliflower Polenta continues to be one of the restaurant's signature dishes. The polenta is a buttery cauliflower puree with whole mushrooms, chestnuts and chives sauteed in truffle oil and topped with sliced Parmesan cheese. The dish, which is an individual size serving comes in a very cute small pot. The puree is delicious with whole pieces of mushroom and chestnuts, a great combination. The portion is generous for one, but for two sharing, as we often do, it is just enough to whet the appetite.

The lasagne roll and the fish & chips (seen in photos below) are two of the popular Denya dishes. They are beautiful dishes, generous, and enticing. The lasagna is served as two rolls, not the standard lasagna casserole with vegetables that we know. The two rolls in a rich creamy sauce would best be described as blintzes in a cream sauce.

The Denya fish and chips are crispy and tasty and a good choice for lunch or dinner. The crispy hake fillets with a crumb coating were served with dips and sauces. This is a generous portion that can be shared.

After a meal like this there is no need for a dessert, but since when did that stop anyone from enjoying something sweet. We could see from the other tables that the desserts were a popular item. We ordered a shake to go, and we enjoyed it on the way home.

Events at Denya:
The Givat Shaul branch is designed with a private VIP space that can accommodate 60-80 guests, a multimedia system, balloon service and a projector to complete your party or event.

You can host a variety of events at Denya from morning / buffet events to rich and luxurious evening events. Birthdays, britot, bar / bat mitzvahs, business meetings, product launches and any other event. Contact us for details and to arrange your event!

From the Menu: Cauliflower Polenta starter NIS 45. Lasagna roll NIS 62. Fish & Chips NIS 68. Salmon NIS 98. Classic Shakshuka NIS 54. Sandwiches NIS 40 - 49. pizza NIS 48 - 54. Smoothie/milk shake NIS 30.

Buy a 200 shekel coupon to be used on your next order at Denya Cafe Givat Shaulfor just 150 shekels. Print out this coupon and present it at the restaurant. .