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2 Moshe Dayan, Rosh Haayin
Givat Tal shopping center
Tel: 077-231 1872, 052 806 6994

Kashrut: Rabbanut Rosh Haayin

Open Sunday - Thursday:11:30 am. til 11:30 pm. Closed Friday and Shabbat.

EatBar Rosh Haayin

August 2020
EatBar is a meat restaurant located in the Givat Tal open shopping center. The restaurant is famous for its burgers but the menu also offers a variety of salads, other meat dishes and sandwiches. EatBar is a family restaurant, popular with local young families, who come out in full force for lunch with the kids.

The shopping center gives the impression of being open to the elements, but it is covered by stats and tarp, which give enough shade to enjoy the outdoor space alongside the restaurant even on a hot sunny day.

Eat Bar

eLuna Visits EatBar Restaurant

My companion and I were impressed by the clean and inviting restaurant interior. With distancing in mind, we decided to sit outside the restaurant at tables blocked from the shoppers by a row of plants. Strategically placed fans kept the air circulating making this a comfortable place to sit even in the middle of the summer.

The Menu:
The EatBar menu is on a colorful one page cardboard in Hebrew. (If enough English speakers ask, perhaps they will create an English menu.) There is a section of starters followed by a section of munchies. These are smaller veggie starters that can go well with the attractive list of cocktails, beers and wines on the menu.

There is also a good selection of salads and meat dishes. These include a wide variety of burgers, meat platters and meat sandwiches, Despite all that meat, EatBar is vegan-friendly. Most of the munchies and salads and even two of the burgers are veggie. Besides the beef burgers, they offer a Beyond Meat burger and a Purple Burger, made with beets and lentils.

Eat BarWe started the meal with the fried cauliflower dish from the Munchies menu. This was a generous bowl of crispy florets on a bed of shredded cabbage served with a smidgen of mild garlic mayonnaise.

For our main, my companion chose the Wild West, one of the restaurant's specialty burgers which came highly recommended. Justifiably. We added a side dish of cole slaw, not included with a burger. The cole slaw was a nice fresh complement of vegetables to the meaty burger.

The large version of the Wild West burger is a generous sandwich with 220 gr of ground entrecote layered with strips of goose breast, slices of seared tomato, onion, baby lettuce leaves and barbeque aioli on a soft roll. We were offered a choice of sauces, so we opted for a nice peppery chipotle mayo to spice up the cauliflower, the cole slaw and the burger. This was very fast to come, as was all the dishes, served with a smile.


Here is a tip on eating burgers from an experienced burger man:
There is only one way to eat a burger of this size. You must cut the burger into quarters, and take each quarter separately. That way the burger sections can be held in your hand without leakage.

Unlike eating at home, when we are at a restaurant, we enjoy topping off the meal with a dessert. We shared one serving of parve ice cream and chocolate brownie cake. The parve ice cream was nothing compared to the very chocolaty chocolate brownie cake, covered in chocolate sauce. Buried inside the EatBarcake, totally unexpectedly, were blocks of chocolate. Something different worth trying.

Our bill came to NIS 131 a very reasonable amount for a good meat meal. The charming wait staff that was fast and attentive earned their tip.

From the Menu: Starters: focaccia NIS 22. Sweet potato chips NIS 29. Munchies: Cauliflower NIS 24/39. Nachos NIS 18/29. Salads NIS 44. Wild West Burger 170g/220gr NIS 58/66 Meat platters with one side dish NIS 54 - 62. Meat Sandwiches NIS 42 - 57.

: There is plenty of parking in lots on all sides of the shopping center, and underground parking as well.

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