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Grill Restaurant
28 AD Gordon, Petach Tikva
Tel: 03-9342510
Kashrut: Rabbanut Petach Tikva (Mehadrin). Meat Beit Yosef, Vegetables Gush Katif

Open Sunday - Thursday: 11:30 am. - 11:00 pm. motzei shabbat till 11:30pm. Closed Friday and Shabbat.

Entrecote Grill House

August 2023
The new Entrecote Grill House Restaurant takes the place of the landmark restaurant that was in this location for decades. The Davidov family took over the original Entrecote Restaurant and made it a fresh and new dining experience. The dining area has been redesigned and is now a wide-open space with decorative lattice partitions between tables. There is new comfortable furniture, light fixtures, and wall decorations.

About the only thing that remains from the previous restaurant is the aged tree, the restaurant hallmark, with its roots and trunk inside the restaurant and the branches outside. Some say this tree is a "segula". If you have not been to Entrecote in the last year or so, come again. You will be pleasantly surprised.

"At my restaurant I want to serve the kinds of foods that I like to eat."
Says owner Beni Dovidov. He and his two charming sons are at the helm of this restaurant. Son David greats all the guests with a warm welcome and is an attentive server at the table.

Entrecote is a quality Glatt Kosher grill restaurant. The beef is imported, aged in from Argentina and the veal is sourced from the boutique Meshek Lagziel. The restaurant puts a premium on fresh. quality ingredients.

At the heart of the menu are the grilled meats. There is a wide selection ranging from burgers and pargit to specialty meats grilled over coals.

The menu is divided into several categories, but it is worth checking all the categories before you choose your order, or ask the server for suggestions. The menu is available in Hebrew only at this time.

Under "Hot Grill" you will find chicken (wings and pargit, liver, etc.), sausage, skewers of steak or organ meats, and the usual suspects of side dishes like potatoes and rice. The "Steak House" section lists higher end steak cuts priced by weight, and lamb chops. These dishes are naturally more expensive.  The "Chef’s Recipes" section lists some of the family’s Caucasian dishes (see below), as well as the Israeli favorites: chicken schnitzel, chicken livers and hamburgers, at more moderate prices.

The incongruously named Italian section lists spaghetti Bolognaise, ravioli and gnocchi (both parve), and two fish dishes, I guess for people who wandered in by accident. There are also a couple of salads and a wok dish, both with meat, and sharing platter for two. This is a full dinner of mixed grill, with starter salads, soft drink and a glass of wine.

There is also an impressive list of fine wines with Israeli, European, American wines, and cocktails.

Dishes From the Caucasus

The Davidov family hail from Caucasus. In addition to the grilled meats, the menu offers some of the unique family recipes that you will find on the menu under Chef Specialties.

These include slow cooked stews with meat and rice,
, Thin Turkish pastry baked with beef, root vegetables. and lamb fat.
Dim Sum
filled with entrecote.
Fried Platter including kubbeh (meat dumplings coated with semolina), meat cigars in filo pastry, cauliflower and onion rings. And the favorite:
Chicken livers
.caramelized in wine and onion sauce on a bed of mashed potatoes.

eLuna Visits Entrecote Grill Restaurant
To appreciate this restaurant fully it is best to come in the evening for dinner. The atmosphere in the evening is romantic, with candles and dim lighting and live music twice a week. Some of the more exotic menu items are only available in the evening, and the presentation is more dramatic.

We visited Entrecote Grill for lunch. The fixed price lunch is available from opening until 16:00.
While so many restaurants today are located in malls and shopping centers, Entrecote is a corner restaurant in a residential neighborhood. The wrap around windows allow light for a lovely afternoon atmosphere. In the evening the restaurant takes on a festive atmosphere with candles and live music twice a week.

There are two fixed price lunch menus: NIS 79 and NIS 189. Each includes a nice variety of starter salads , a plate of humus and tahina, and your choice of different cuts of meat.

The salads, all parve, are made in house, served with warm lafa bread from the tabun. (The business lunch is served with 8 salads while the evening dinner is served with 12 salads.) We perused the menu and took recommendations from our attentive server.

The diner who asks about non-meat dishes in a heavy-duty meat restaurant like Entrecote Grill, is an anomaly. However the salads are parve and there are two parve pasta dishes on the menu as well as grilled fish.

Meat eaters will be licking their fingers. Steak Entrecote is the star of the menu but for this lunch my companion chose the lamb chops on the bone. The  three mouthwatering chops were served on a wood platter with grilled vegetables, chimichurri and wine sauce in dipping cups, and a healthy bowl of chips. The service is made more dramatic by a smoking glass of dry ice in water on the platter. (This dish has four chops on the evening dinner platter, but the three chops for the business lunch were quite satisfactory.). .

Smachot: Entrecote Restaurant invites you to celebrate a magical and memorable event at the restaurant. The restaurant can accommodate up to 130 guests. Think of Entrecote for your Brit Milah, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, small Wedding, Sheva Brachot, conference or any reason to celebrate.

From the Dinner Menu:
Lachmajon, Entrecoti style NIS 65
Dim Sum filled with entrecote NIS 59
Fried Platter NIS 89
Chicken livers. NIS 72
Fixed price lunch NIS 79 and NIS 189
Entrecote steak NIS 198 (258 for 300 grams)
Filet Steak (300 grams): nis 220
Lamb Chops platter of 4: nis 220
Skewers: nis 46- nis 79.
Bass baked in the oven: nis 145
Salmon filet: nis 120

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