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Meat Restaurant with a Country Atmosphere
28 AD Gordon, Petach Tikva
Tel: 03-9342510
Kashrut: Rabbanut Petach Tikva (Mehadrin). Meat Beit Yosef, Vegetables Gush Katif
Open Sunday - Thursday: 11:00 am. - 11:30 pm. Friday and motzei shabbat reserved for events. Closed Shabbat.


October 2013
Entrecote is a Glatt Kosher quality grill restaurant in Petach Tikva. The restaurant offers a nice variety of salads, lots of different cuts of meat,breads from the taboun and nice desserts.

You'll get all of this in Entrecote restaurant's comfortable country atmosphere, at reasonable prices. This is a restaurant where you can stop in when you don't feel like cooking or you just want to get out for the evening.

Entrecote Restaurant has a rustic decor. The restaurant is decorated in wood and natural stone. An aged tree has its roots and trunk inside the restaurant while the branches wave in the breeze outside. Some say this tree is a "segula".

About Entrecote menu

For your starter, the Entrecote Restaurant menu offers a great variety of salads and homemade pickles. The lafa comes with zaatar, sesame, fennel, spicy, etc. What would a steakiya be without homemade humus? And yummy it is, at Entrecote.

Entrecote uses only fine meats. The meats are aged and professionally treated till they are ready to be eaten. They are then grilled over citrus charcoals. Well garnished Steak Entrecote is the star of the menu. In addition enjoy delicious lamb chops, goulash soup, tender chicken steak or chicken skewers. If you prefer fish, the restaurant recommends the deep fried Tilapia.

Over the years meat restaurants have learned the secret of preparing superb parve desserts. Be sure to taste a sample of these desserts at Entrecote. The Bavarian Kadaif is high on our recommendation list.

Homemade salads (when ordering a meat plate): nis 18, Humus "Entrecote": nis 24, Smoked Steak Entrecote: nis 99 (250 gram), Meat fille Steak: nis 139, Lamb Chops: nis 134, Skewers: nis 27- nis 41. Tilapia: NIS 79. Bavarian Kadaif: nis 26.

Smachot: Entrecote Restaurant invites you to celebrate a magical and memorable event at the restaurant. The restaurant can accommodate up to 130 guests. Think of Entrecote for you Brit Milah, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, small Wedding, Sheva Brachot, conference or any reason to celebrate.

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