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95 Akiva Street, Raanana
Tel: 09-767 4817
Kashrut: Rabbanut Raanana

Open Sunday - Thursday: 7:30 am till 10:00 pm. Friday: 7:30 am- 3:00 pm. Closed Shabbat.

January 2019
You've passed this coffee shop a million times, and you may not have even noticed it. Geula Cafe is nestled in the middle of the quiet neighborhood shopping center at the northern end of Raanana's Akiva Street, It is worth noting this center with this cafe, a bakery, and a very convenient grocery store, has a good size parking lot behind,

Geula will remind you of the Israel of yore. This is a modest cafe restaurant with basic indoor and outdoor seating. The calling card is delicious freshly made foods and personal and charming service. Geula is appropriate for couples, small groups and families. In the mornings Geula is the location of choice for buiness meetings and in the afternoon and evenings you'll find friends dining together and families with children.

The Geula Menu
The menu includes a good variety of breakfasts, salads, sandwiches and pasta dishes. Breakfasts deals for one or two are served till 12:30 pm. These are followed by breakfast-style dishes available all day, like Shakshuka or cheese on toast. Starters include soup, focaccia and some salads. There is a very nice selection of sandwiches including our favorite lox and creamcheese, and several different cheese sandwiches. The Geula salads are a generous portion of fresh vegetables and creative additions including Halumi cheese, Quinoa, and more. There are conventional pizzas and Pizza Bianca (without tomato sauce). Pasta dishes come with your choice of sauces. The Specials include the lasagna, quiche and a veggie burger. The Geula desserts, from a spectacular bakery, are a great finish to a delightful meal.

Geula has a separate drinks menu with a fine selection of hot and cold coffee, shakes, fruit drinks, beer, wine, and more.

eLuna Visits Geula Cafe
We visited Geula several times since discovering this charming cafe. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming with a good variety of dishes. On our first visit to Geula we shared a salad and a lasagna main dish. All too often salads are served with canned mushrooms, but the Geula salad had only fresh mushrooms stir-fried in garlic butter, lettuce, red onion, tomato, walnuts, and camembert cheese. We were impressed with the fresh mushrooms and other vegetables in this delicious salad. It is noted on the menu that this salad is served without bread, which is a good call because it is not necessary.

We then shared one order of Lasagna. Layers of pasta and cheese in a creamy Napolitana sauce, served with a side of chopped vegetable salad. The lasagna is a one-person portion but with the salad we stretched it to two. The presentation was aesthetic and attractive.

Geula was our choice on another evening when we craved pizza and opted to go out instead of calling in for the luke-warm delivered variety.
Focaccia - white pizza Pizza

The menu lists two types of pizzas: with conventional pizzas with tomato sauce and toppings and white pizza which is more like focaccia with toppings. We are tomato sauce pizza people, so we chose from the first group. Pizzas in this group come in sizes small, medium and large. As is our way, we chose the middle of the road medium size pizza which was just the right size for us light eaters to share. We spent some time reviewing all the combinations and finally went with the simple Pizza Margarita adding three of our favorite toppings.

A visit to Geula must end with one of their delicious desserts. These are displayed in a case at the entrance to the cafe. You know, when you enter that whatever happens in betweeen, this meal will end well.

The case contains individual desserts and luscious looking cakes to take home. On each of our visits my companion and I shared one of the square desserts with a cuppa. A very nice way to top off a good meal.

Take Out and Catering: Geula offers catering services for various events throughout the day: from light breakfasts, brunch, lunch events, to evening cocktail parties or light meals. Catering services range from ready-to-order meals and trays, to refreshment options with staff. Geula will help you create customized menus for each event according to your needs and the target audience.

From the Menu: Shakshuka MIS 49.Soup of the day NIS 32. Sandwiches NIS 44 - 48. Salads NIS 56 - 59. Mushroom salad NIS 59. Lasagna NIS 58. Pizza S/M/L from NIS 40. Pasta NIS 46 - 56 (with fish).

Click here for a 10% discount coupon on your next order at Geula Cafe Restaurant. Print out this coupon and present it at the restaurant. Does not apply on Friday or on the breakfast menu.