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1 HaSoreg, Jerusalem
Tel: 02-6223761
Kashrut: Badatz Yoreh Deah (Rav Machpud), Glatt Mehadrin, Meat.

Open Sunday - Thursday: Noon - 11:00 pm. Closed Friday, Shabbat and Motzei Shabbat.

Grill Bar

Updated January 2015
Tucked away on the corner of Rechov Hasoreg and Rivlin, you'll find Grill Bar Restaurant. The generic name should not mislead you: Grill Bar is a beautifully designed space: classy, modern and airy with gourmet standard food to boot. This restaurant is around for many years and it has gone through many transformations. I believe that we have finally arrived.

Grill Bar's motto is 'delicious, home-style food.' The restaurant specializes in grilled meat and fish all expertly prepared to order by the well trained grill chefs.

Grill Bar - Indoors

About The Grill Bar Menu

How can any meal go wrong with fresh, warm pita right out of the oven? If the smell of fresh bread wafting your way isn't enticement enough, then the array of 12 "house salads" set down on your table along with it will thoroughly convince you to dig in. Other starters include hummus with hot mushrooms and the ever popular Baladi eggplant, served with excellent techina and salad vegetables.

Grill Bar - SkewersWhile it is tempting to indulge in the starter salads, we suggest you save room for the main course. Choices include various skewered meats, as well as grilled meats and fish. If you enjoy shipudim (skewered meat), there is a wide variety to choose from including as chicken breast, pullet (pargiot), kebabs, beef and turkey - all succulent and delicious. Prices listed on the menu are per skewer, allowing the diner the option of ordering several different kinds of meat, a kind of mix-and-match dining option which is especially fun.

Grilled meats include chicken breast steak, cured entrecote and lamb chops, grilled to order and nicely seasoned. There are four types of fish to choose from: mullet, denis, salmon and my favourite moist and fleshy tilapia. Each portion comes with a side dish of your choice, such as Israeli salad, steak fries, mashed potatoes or majadara (lentils and rice). We recommend the latter. Topped by a generous mound of fried onions, it perfectly complements the grills.

Grill Bar - Ribs Grill Bar - Entrecote

There is a wide array of wines including dry or semi-dry white, red wine and beer. Desserts will not disappoint either. In addition to some gorgeous pies and cakes, there's refreshing watermelon (in season), light sorbets in a variety of flavors as well as sweet baklava.

It's not just the food that makes eating at Grill Bar such an enjoyable experience. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, the decor very pleasant and the waiters both courteous and efficient: A perfect place to bring your friends and guests to show off modern Israeli cuisine at its best.

Grill Bar offers a business menu served from 12:00-5:00pm with prices ranging between NIS 59 and NIS 74. The restaurant has a VIP room and can accommodate parties of up to 100 people.

House salad starter NIS 12 per person, Baladi eggplant NIS 22, skewers between NIS 28 and NIS 38, lamb chops NIS 95, fish between NIS 75 and NIS 79, sorbet and baklava NIS 28.

From Our Readers:
Date: November 26, 2013. Submitted by: I. king. Description: I had heard about Grill Bar for a couple of years and last night went to try it out with my better half. We chose to dine al fresco as the weather was unseasonably comfortable, but just in case I brought my fleece and thermal wool hat. Patrons from the bar next to us came out to smoke (2 feet away) but in general didn't reach us. And the traffic on Ben Shetach and Soreg wasn't too bad except for the occasional bad mannered driver "pumping up the volume".
On to the service and food. The server was polite and not too tardy, however, when I explained to him the price difference on the assorted salad appetizer online he told me I was wrong. (I just cut and pasted from the online menu). I'll give him the benefit of the doubt that the online menu needs to be updated. The salads were quite tasty, some spicy, and the pitot were fresh out of the oven. They should have doubled the amount of pita (one per order). We requested more and they only brought one more.
I ordered the grilled mullet (buri) with rice and beans and my wife ordered a large serving of mejedara (lentils with rice and beans).The mullet was nicely done and served with lemon. The mejedara was a nice portion and perfectly spiced. So were my rice and beans.
We finished off our meal with dessert. The dessert tray was interesting with five or six types of dessert. My wife has a 3 inch mound of chocolate, chopped nuts and hazelnut cream and was named a large Ferrero Rocher (my favorite candy, by the way). I had a pastry filled with an assortment of nuts. Both were served with a raspberry sorbet and embellished with swirls of maple and chocolate syrups. I had an online discount of 10% so the bill came out to 154 NIS without the tip. I would recommend this restaurant.

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