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33 Jaffa Rd, Jerusalem
At Kikar Zion
Tel: 02-6246444
Kashrut: Mehuderet Rabbanut Yerushalayim

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Open Sunday - Thursday: 12 noon- 10:30 pm. Closed Friday and Shabbat.

Harvey's Smokehouse

February 2022
There’s food and then there’s Harvey’s Smokehouse. The choice is easy!

Harvey's is a meat lovers meat restaurant. Harvey's is the first authentic American BBQ Smokehouse in Jerusalem, and without a doubt the best BBQ in town. Harvey's serves up mouth watering deep smoked meats and home style sides. Meats are smoked with hickory wood blocks imported from the US, all day every day.

If you are wondering whether Harvey's is the Harvey Sandler from Gabriel restaurant, bingo. You are right.
Harvey brings his expertise to the Smokehouse, from some of the great restaurants in Jerusalem.

And the winner is...
eLuna ofered a prize for the vest write up of Harvey's Smokehouse.
The winner of the contest is Abigail Moskovits.

Abigail Moskovits writes:
Harvey’s Smokehouse combines a fun, chill ambience with truly tasty and flavor-filled food. 

When I first walked into The Smokehouse after its move from Ben Shetach street, I noticed the change in ambience. The original restaurant had more of a formal feel to it, with old stone walls and a fancy look to the place. I never enjoyed eating upstairs at the old place and was pleasantly surprised when the new place, located right off of Rechov Yaffo, is on one floor, with considerably more seating, making it a great place for a celebration with a large group.

I love the low lighting and the informal decorating.  The bar is long and the place is inviting. The vibe is ‘cool’. I have gone there on a date with my husband, just the two of us and I have gone with my large family; the restaurant can accommodate both large and small groups, the service is great and the food is even better. 

My favorite dishes to order are the Burnt Ends and popcorn chicken to start, the incredible onion rings, the Smokehouse Salad and you can’t go wrong with the meat platters. The asado and pulled beef are so full of flavor and it all just melts in your mouth. I love that they brought the chateaubriand with them to the new menu because sometimes you just want something a bit different. It is always perfectly cooked and beautifully presented. 

The cocktails on the menu are all great but the Pineapple Margarita is my favorite. It’s sweet and tangy and just fun. 

The building itself is in an exciting location in Jerusalem, just off of Yaffo street which is always alive with energy. I love hearing the street musicians when I eat in the outside dining area of the restaurant. The inside has a great, fun vibe which lends itself to both larger gatherings and smaller ones. And the food is the best of the best. It is absolutely one of my favorite places to eat. Despite the challenge of parking in downtown Jerusalem, I seriously look for  any excuse to take my family there. 

My absolute favorite restaurant in Jerusalem. Can you tell?
Submitted by Abigail Moskovits
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Abi received a 75 shekel voucher for Harvey's Smokehouse.

Additional submissions to the eLuna writers contest:
Presented in the order that they were received.
Each of these winners was sent a 15% discount coupon for Havey's Smokehouse.

Submitted by Fern Reiss
Harvey’s is a carnivore’s paradise.  But unlike restaurants that compete on quantity, or coolness like Crave, Harvey’s Smokehouse succeeds purely on the basis of the excellence of their cuisine.  (And for those who liked Gabriel’s, yes, it’s that Harvey.) 

While Harvey’s Smokehouse advertises itself as authentic American BBQ, only Smokey Joe’s in Teaneck, now sadly departed, was any real competition in the US.  And while the menu says they’re aspiring to Southern American hospitality, I’d choose Harvey’s Smokehouse over any of the wonderful meat-fests I experienced in South America, including Buenos Aires’ famous Al Galope Steakhouse.  At Harvey’s, slabs of hickory-smoked meats compete with craft beers and southern cocktails for your notice, and you ignore them at your peril.

Submitted by Dr. Barry Korzen
My wife recently celebrated a significant birthday (too significant to publicize the number) and she, being a dedicated carnivore, I wanted to treat her to a dining experience with a host of friends.
I can’t begin to rave enough about the food, the service and the hospitality that was shown to us and our friends. Everything on the menu was laid out buffet style so each could select whatever and how much of each dish they wanted. The bartender was not only friendly but knew how to make each of our friends happier as the night wore on with cocktails many of us had never heard of but were absolutely delicious. I can honestly say that the party exceeded my expectations as all of our friends went home in much happier frame of mind than I has seen them in since the beginning of Covid. And best of all, my wife was thrilled. Thank you Harvey.

Submitted By Adina Kischel
If you’re looking for a genuine American-style BBQ joint in Jerusalem, Harvey’s is THE place!
Happily resettled into their new location on Jaffa Road between the City Hall Light Rail Stop and Zion Square, right next to Mike’s Place (another American-style institution), the eatery is fully accessible with a friendly bi-lingual staff.

All the meat on Harvey’s menu is smoked to one degree or another and with various seasonings, so that different types of meat have different flavors; there are also a few chicken dishes and a fish-of-the-day which from the description seems to be a bit spicy. There are few vegetarian items on offer, except for sides and simple salads.  This is definitely a meat-lover’s piece of heaven!

There is also an extensive drinks menu, and there is even a bar at which one can have drinks and a ‘nosh’/starter either before dinner or as a stand-alone evening’s activity.

Our birthday boy ordered the “Build-Your-Own” Personal BBQ Platter.  Eight different smoked meats are offered; all are ordered by the 100 grams (ranging from 24-48 NIS/100 gr).  His platter included a sumptuous array of four different kinds of meat, way too much to finish, so the rest was taken home, enough for another meal. 

Submitted By Arye Zacks
Arye Zacks is a technology writer in Israel who enjoys having dinner out. You can reach him at

If you’re looking for great food on a Jerusalem night, Harvey’s Smokehouse is your place. Conveniently located near the center of town, it is a great place to meet friends, go out on a date, or even spend time with your wife.

Harvey’s Smokehouse menu is well balanced, with a strong mix of appetizers, smoked meats, sandwiches, and food off the grill. They have salads, but to be honest, in the dozen or so times I’ve been to Harvey’s no one I know has ever ordered one.

I’m a smokehouse kind of guy, so I like to start off with their burnt ends. The caramelized brisket is melt-in-your-mouth good and really starts your meal off right. Order one for the table, and while you’re at it, throw in some wings or their great Texas BBQ nachos. They’ve got poppers and popcorn chicken as well, but if you’re out for a great smokehouse experience, leave those apps for the kids.

I like to mix it up when I get to Harveys, which means building up a small BBQ platter and pairing it with one of their handcrafted sandwiches. My wife, on the other hand, takes a more sensible approach, going for the steaks and a side of rice.

Design your own BBQ
Choose from the list of smoked meats to design your own meal. Smoked meats are priced per 100 grams.

Nini Choo

eLuna discount: 10% discount Sunday - Wednesday (not valid Thursday). Valid only when paying in cash or an israeli credit card.

From the menu:

Starters NIS 48 - 58
Popcorn Chicken Starter NIS 52
12 hour smoked pulled lamb NIS 42 100 gr
14 hour smoked beef brisket NIS 36
Salads (veggie) NIS 36 - 38 (meat + NIS 30)
Hand crafter sandwiches served with fries or saladNIS 84 - 89
From the charcoal grill, aged Rib Eye steak 350 gr NIS 169

Click here for a 10% discount coupon on your next order at Harvey's Smokehouse. Show this coupon on the eLuna app or print out this coupon and present it at the restaurant.