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Steak House
121 Agripas St., Jerusalem
Telephone: 02-6244014
Kashrut: Rabanut Yerushalayim. Meat chalak Beit Yosef. Veg Gush Katif
Hatzot English language Website

Open Sunday - Thursday: 11:00 am. - 1:00 am. Friday: 11:00am till 1 hour before Shabbat.
Motzei Shabbat: one hour after Shabbat. Closed Shabbat


Revised December 2016
Hatzot Steak House is part of Jerusalem's history. This landmark family restaurant was founded by two brothers, Abraham and Michael Ajami, in 1970, in what was then, the center of Jerusalem. The location on Agripas Street, is between the Machne Yehuda Market and Nachlaot, one of the veteran neighborhoods in Jerusalem.

Legend has it that Meurav Yerushalmi - the favorite Israeli mixed grill dish - was born at Hatzot Restaurant. If so it is a shame that Hatzot does not have royalties because this is a favorite dish served at all steak houses throughout Jerusalem and much of Israel.
award winning croissant

For many who grew up in Jerusalem or spent a lot of time there in the 1970's, a visit to Hatzot is a nostalgic trip into their past. Even back then, this was the place to be. Well known personalities from Jerusalem, political figures and celebrities have dined here. Enjoy a walk down memory lane at this classic meat restaurant as you examine the photographs of old time celebrities that decorate the walls. Can you name the guy in that picture? You'll know how old you really are, when you recognize them all.

We love the retro look of this restaurant. The second generation Ajamis renovated, updated, and modernized the restaurant while retaining the retro feel. The Middle Eastern flare still remains and of course so does the Meurav Yerushalmi and the many other delicious foods.
I think those are original Jerusalem tiles on the floor. Simple wooden tables and old fashion fans on the super-high ceilings. Then there is the classic foods and the photographs. Deja vu.
About this restaurant in video

About The Hatzot Menu

Hatzot is a classic Israeli Steak House, with a great selection of homemade salads, meats, some organ meats and the famous Hatzot meurav Yerushalmi

The meal at an Israeli Steak House starts with fresh hot pitot and a selection of salads. If there is a competition between steakiya restaurants as to who can present the most unique and enjoyable salads, Hatzot wins. The salads are so good, they can make a whole meal. If you go this way you will miss the delicious grilled main courses that made the Hatzot reputation.

In addition to the starter salads Hatzot has several other starters that are worth considering. We were wowed by the dish of quartered pitot toasted on the grill and sprinkled with zaatar and oil, served with a bowl of tahina in the center. Majadara, another starter, is a Middle Eastern lentil dish with rice and fried onions. Rice and beans is a popular Eastern combination (you see this in Turkey). Baladi Eggplant, roasted or cooked with meat and served with techina, is essential on every menu. Goose liver on skewers is another of the specialty dishes.

Main courses at Hatzot are primarily grilled meats. We enjoyed the grilled pargit (boneless chicken thigh), smothered in fried onions. There is a small selection of fish and even one or two vegetarian dishes. But an Israeli Steak House is largely about meat. Meats are grilled a la plancha at 480 degrees Fahrenheit (250 Celsius), and are seasoned as only Hatzot knows how to, capturing the colors and aromas of the Middle East. Here's where you will want to try the classic Meurav Yerushalmi - mixed grill that made Hatzot famous. A word to the finicky: be aware that this dish contains some grilled organ meats.

Hatzot also offers healthy meat salads such as Chicken salad and Entrecote salad. Hatzot is a family restaurant so bring the kids. There are size-appropriate childrens portions.

Parties and Groups at Hatzot
Hatzot is a great spot for celebrations. Ask about their special party menus. On our visit to the restaurant we saw several groups. Order in advance and the tables will be ready for your group. Take out is available for delivery in Jerusalem.

award winning croissant
Groups and parties at Hatzot

From the Menu (August 2022): Starters: Humus techina/mushrooms NIS 32 - 35. 1 Goose liver skewers NIS 105. Majadara NIS 30.Spicy Merguez Sausages NIS 48.

Mains: Meurav Yerushalmi (Mixed grill) NIS 89. Mallard duck breast skewers (2) NIS 125. aged Entrecote Steak 330 gr NIS 175. lamb chops NIS 195. Chicken salad NIS 72. Childrens meals: hot dogs schnitzel NIS 58. Main courses include starter salads and two side dishes.

Click here for a 10% discount coupon on your next order at Hatzot. Print out this coupon and present it at the restaurant.
The coupon is valid from 3pm - 7:00pm.