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Hungarian Blintzes Restaurant

35 Yirmiyahu Street, Tel-Aviv
Tel: 03-6050674

Kashrut: Rabbanut Tel Aviv,Dairy, Vegetarian

Open Sunday through Thursday 1pm - 1am and Saturday night after Shabbat. Closed Friday and Shabbat.

Hungarian Blintzes is located on Yirmiyahu street, just off Dizengoff. Yirmiyahu is a side street that links Dizengoff, Ben Yehuda and Hayarkon Streets, in the north-west part of Tel-Aviv.

About Hungarian Blintzes

Hungarian Blintzes is a family run restaurant that has been in operation in its current location for 23 years. This is a warm and friendly restaurant, with a personal touch, evident in its friendly service and home-made foods. The special recipes and the heimish atmosphere have given this restaurant its good name.

This restaurant is a page from times gone by, right in the midst of the busy modern city. Hungarian Blintzes will help you recall that once, not all foods were fast-foods and life moved at a different pace.

This restaurant is filled with comfortably spaced small tables covered in colorful ethnic tablecloths. Take your choice of either indoor seating or seating in the glass-enclosed terrace facing Yirmiyahu street.

People often come to this restaurant to celebrate special events, such as birthdays, etc. The restaurant can accommodate groups of up to 80 people.

The Hungarian Blintzes Menu

The main focus of the restaurant menu is - you guessed it - blintzes. There are cheese blintzes, veggie blintzes, hot blintzes, cold blintzes and sweet blintzes. Soup is a good starter for a blintzes meal, and the menu offers a nice selection of home made soups. The onion soup topped with cheese and croutons caught our eye. The tomato and the mushroom and cream soups also sound good. Soups are served with salty crackers.

Then come the selection of amazing blintzes. The menu offers a choice of 24 types of blintzes. Salty blintzes, containing a variety of cheeses, sweet blintzes, hot blintzes and cold blintzes. Make a main course of the spinach blintzes, or perhaps the Hungarian goulash blintzes served with paprika, of course. Hungarian cuisine does favor paprika. Potato blintzes flavored with Paprika - how Hungarian is that. The blintzes are served in individual oval ceramic serving dishes.

Sweet blintzes are served either hot or cold, as a dessert. Sweet blintzes are topped with a variety of sweet sauces like chocolate cream, nut cream, and cheese. Sweet blintzes served cold are delicious desserts, Enjoy these blintzes topped with fruit, vanilla cream or ice cream.

Top off your meal with the homemade liquors served to you complements of the restaurant. Enjoy home-made eggnog, chocolate and lemon liquor, served at your table after your meal.

Soup nis 29, non-sweet blitzes nis 58, sweet blintzes NIS 42

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