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Jony Forno Restaurant
2 Gad Machnes St., Netanya
Tel: 077-8047844
Kashrut: Rabbanut Netanya Mehadrin

Open Sunday - Thursday:10:30am - 11:00 pm. Friday 10:300am - 4:30pm. Motzash one hour after shabbat - 11:30pm. Closed Shabbat.

Jony Forno

Revisited October 2022
Jony Batia, owner of the Red Bar Burger Restaurant, is spreading his wings. He has turned the outdoor space of the popular meat restaurant into this Italian dairy restaurant. The new Jony Forno Restaurant has its own dairy kitchen with a tabun oven (forno, in Italian).

To visit Jony Forno Restaurant is to experience the best of Netanya. The restaurant is just off Haatzmaut square, the center of downtown Netanya. The square is hopping with restaurants, foot traffic and a mix of languages. The seating space of the restaurant faces the Netanya boardwalk. This is the place to be for people watching, and the sea beyond for relaxing. All the seating is outdoors. In the summer the space is covered by palm trees and large umbrellas. The space is enclosed in the winter.

The Forno (Oven)

We visited Jony Forno Restaurant for a late lunch on a balmy summer afternoon. The restaurant offers a full Italian menu including pizzas, pasta dishes, salads, fish and other Italian fare. This is my kind of comfort food, and the restaurant does it well.

The starter menu includes some of our favorites - Risotto with parmesan cheese, Arancini and salmon carpaccio. We couln't pass them up, so on this visit my companion and I chose two starters - one for for each of us, and one main course to share. The two starters became three, but that's another story. We were warned up front about delicious desserts, so we were prepared.

Polenta, based on cornmeal, gets its flavor from the Parmesan cheese and truffles cooked into it. Mushrooms are often added for additional flavor. At Jony Forno the Polenta is flavored with chestnuts rather than mushrooms, a very successful substitution. In Morocco, the menu says, Polenta is the food of the kings. Also the kings of Netanya, I think.

The Burrata is the show stopper of the menu. This is an Italian specialty dish, not standard at all Italian restaurants. A Burrata is ball of cheese filled with a creamy mixture. The outer casing, made mostly of Mozarella, is solid, while the filling is soft and creamy. The Jony Forno Burrata is served on a platter of tomatoes, olives and peppers. One large open-face tomato is covered in herbs and baked in the oven. The cherry tomatoes are fresh and crunchy. When you pierce the Burrata, the cheese and tomatoes mix together for a delicious sauce. You'll need to have bread with the Burrata to sop up the sauce. That is how the focaccia became our third starter.

The red of the tomatoes and the green of the herbs are the colors of the Italian flag . At Jony Forno they added a ribbon to make that point.

We absolutely must try one of the main courses, so we went on to share one order of Italian Fettuccini with salmon and mushrooms. The Fettuccini was fresh and delicious, and had a generous amount of salmon pieces.

Ori Dubi is the culinary consultant.of this restaurant, but the cook who prepared our dishes was a young man named Shalev. You may not meet Shalev at the restaurant because he is entering the army in just a few months, but i would not be surprised to see him appearing on Master Chef. Cooking is his passion, and he does it with aplomb and gusto..Anxious to please his customers. you are guaranteed the best meal possible.

The chefs at Jony Forno are experimenting with desserts. We were offered the chocolate Calzone, their latest expriment. This is pastry dough filled with chocolate and served with a scoop of ice cream.

1. The restaurant invites eLuna members presenting a coupon to enjoy lunch from noon till 6pm at a 15% discount. After 6 take 10% off with the eLuna coupon.

2. Parking in a pay lot across the street.

3. The restaurant is wheelchair accessible with a few steps to the netilat yadayim stand.

4. MusicThursday evening from 8pm

From the menu:
Polenta Forno NIS 49
Burrata NIS 59
Focaccia NIS 25
Fettuccini with salmon and mushrooms  NIS 59
Dessert NIS 42
Dessert NIS 46

Click here for a discount coupon on your next order at Jony Forno. Show this coupon on the eLuna app or print out this coupon and present it at the restaurant.

15% off from noon to 5pm weekdays. 10% off from 5pm till closing. The coupon does not apply on holidays and cannot be combined with any other offer.