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The Eatalia Emporium, second floor
3 Totzeret Haaretz, Petach Tikva
Tel: 03-6989820
Kashrut: Rabbanut Petach Tikva
Open Sunday - Thursday: 11:00am - 11:00pm. Friday 10:00 - 3:00pm. Motzash till 11:00pm. Closed Shabbat.

Joya D'Eatalia in the Eatalia Emporium
Dairy chef restaurant

March 2024
Joya D'Etalia is a dairy chef restaurant in Petach Tikva's Eatalia culinary emporium. Eatalia is a new culinary concept that celebrates the flavors of Italy. Eatalia emporiums can be found in at least a dozen cities throughout the world including New York, London, Paris, Munich, etc. Inspired by these emporiums, a team of deep pockets have brought this concept to Israel.
Note: Eatalia Israeli is not affiliated with the other Eatalia emporiums.

The Israeli Eatalia is a beautifully designed two-story closed food emporium at the edge of the courtyard of the BSR building at Tozeret Haaretz street in Petach Tikvah. We were struck by the unique architecture and spiffy interior design. This is the only Kashrut-certified Eatalia emporium in the world. The entire market, all the foods and all the imported goods are under the kashrut supervision of Rabbanut Petach Tikva.

Chef Cobi Bachar is the head chef and culinary director at Eatalia. All the foods and all the restaurants in the emporium are under his lead. As Eatalia is new, Chef Bachar is building the culinary concepts from the ground up. The Chef is eminently qualified for this challenge, coming from the Mamila Hotel, where he presided over all their restaurants.

More about Eatalia below.

Joya DEatalia

Joya D'Eatalia
Joya D’Eatalia is the first restaurant to open in Eatalia. This restaurant is one in the chain of long-running Joya dairy restaurants. Kashrut was not on the agenda of the original branch restaurants, but in the last few years several branches of Joya, including this, have opened with a teudat kashrut.

Chef Bachar describes Joya D'Eatalia as casual dining. Perhaps that is true but In the hands of Chef Bachar, Joya D'Eatalia is nothing less than a chef restaurant. You'll find all the dishes that you would expect on a dairy Italian menu. But at the Eatalia the dishes are all beautifully presented and have a unique and unexpected twist.

We started our meal with the Caesar salad, a green salad made of crispy light green lettuce leaves topped with croutons, sprinkled with cheese dotted with wedges of hard-boiled egg. The dressing had the surprise ingredient of anchovies, a twist on the usual green salad. The salad was served with warm Focaccia, from the oven, and three dips.

What is an Italian dairy restaurant without an arancini starter? Three crunchy cheese-filled balls in a tomato sauce were lovely.

Chef Coby is famous for his linguini zucchini fondue. Thin slices of zucchini are folded into the delicious creamy fondue sauce that is gently blended into the linguini. A sprinkling of tangy crumbs tops this rich pasta dish, giving another dimension to the flavor. The dish was overly generous and though my companion and I shared it we could not finish the bowl.

I judge a chef by the quality of the fish dishes. It is the fish that separate the men from the boys.
The Sea Bass fillet on a bed of risotto with mushrooms was perfectly prepared, attractively presented and delicious. We left the plate clean. Chef Bachar knows his fish and I look forward to visiting the Pescara specialty fish restaurant that is now open in the evenings from 6pm.

Joya D’Eatalia has a sizable space for indoor dining and a patio overlooking the courtyard for outdoor dining. There is also a semi-enclosed area that would be ideal for small parties and get togethers. The prices at Joya D’Eatalia are in line with other dairy restaurants, but for the same cost you will have a true chef meal in a very elegant setting.

Following our satisfying meal, we took a walk through Eatalia to enjoy the beautiful architecture and the design. We were impressed with the lovely mosaic floors, the neatness and cleanliness of the entire emporium.

Heading back down to the ground floor we visited the cheese counter, the wines, and the coffee shop with ever so enticing cakes. We didn’t really need a dessert after that delicious meal, but the cakes were so attractive, we sat down for a cuppa and one wedge of yummy glazed cheese cake. These cakes are surely made in house, as they are as gorgeous and unique as the rest of Eatalia.

For now, Eatalia offers a 15% discount from noon – 6pm. There is no shortage of spaces in the underground car park.

Eatalia Emporium
Food, food and more food. Eatalia is two floors of Italian foods. The entrance level, called The Piemonte, after the region in northwestern Italy, has a coffee shop, a pizza stand, cheeses and wine, to eat in or take home. Tables dividing the sections are laden with goods for sale, imported from Italy. There is olive oil, tomato sauces, pasta, pizza flour, and more, and as a nod to their address on Tozeret Haaretz St (“Made in Israel Street”), some of our own Israeli wines.

Escalator up one floor to wine-and-dine at a group of Italian restaurants, some open now and others soon to open. For casual dining, there is the Joya D’Eatalia dairy restaurant, open from noon till the emporium closes at 11 pm. The Pescara fish restaurant opens for evening dining from 6pm. And a fine dining meat restaurant will open shortly.

Parking: Ample parking in the underground car park.

From the Menu:

ocaccia NIS 28
arancini NIS 48
ceasar salad nis 58
linguini zucchini fondu NIS 72
Sea Bass fillet on a bed of risotto NIS 134





Click here for a 10% discount coupon on your next order at Joya D'Eatalia. The discount is valid for dinner from 6pm. Print out this coupon and present it at the restaurant or on the eLuna app.
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