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177 Dizengoff Street, Tel Aviv
Tel: 03-5230037
Kashrut: Rabbanut Tel Aviv

Open Sunday - Thursday: 10:30am till midnight. Friday: 10:30am till one hour before Shabbat. Open one hour after Shabbat till midnight. Closed Shabbat.

La Lasagna

October 2014
When Yosef, La Lasagna's owner made aliya from Italy, the family recipes made aliya with him. Talk about authentic! At La Lasagna you can enjoy delicious dishes, rich in Mediterranean flavors and full of Italian secrets. You can enjoy this great authentic Italian experience in the heart of Tel Aviv. In addition to great food, La Lasagna offers a warm and welcoming, relaxed and informal environment.

La Lasagna - Outdoors

Tel Aviv is an international city with olim and tourists from around the world. The staff at La Lasagna can speak English and French and the menus are in English and French as well. The La Lasagna menu also speaks to different food preferences. The menu includes whole wheat and gluten free dishes.

LaLasagna - Indoors

eLuna Visits La Lasagna Restaurant

Tel Aviv is always a treat. It is great fun to take a seat on one of the sidewalk benches on Dizengoff Street and just watch the people pass by. Tel Aviv is a great mix of young and old people, dog-walkers, fancy folk and students. The sidewalk cafes give Tel Aviv, the very Israeli city, a European flare. These charming sidewalk cafes beg you to sit down.

There is no shortage of restaurants and cafes in Tel Aviv. The good news is that so many of them are kosher. The other good news is that so many of the kosher eateries are good restaurants. One of these restaurants is La Lasagna. Not the newest restaurant on the block, La Lasagna has maintained the high standard of delicious kosher dining throughout the years.

When we arrived at La Lasagna, early in the evening, we had our choice of indoor and outdoor seating. In Tel Aviv you must sit outdoors. A very charming waitress delivered a full menu to our table. There were so many enticing dishes, we had a hard time deciding what to choose.

La Lasagna - LasagnaLasagna, the namesake of the restaurant, should be the signature dish. So we decided that this was a must. A bit early for dinner, we decided to share a salad and a lasagna. The list of salads is extensive, and after some debate we finally decided on the mushroom salad with walnuts and greens. The salad was huge and was easily shared between the two of us.

We chose one of the simpler lasagna dishes, one that suited both our tastes, I wanted to be sure that we were not getting warmed over food, and so i asked. I will never have to ask that again at La Lasagna. The dishes are made fresh every day, and you can tell the difference. In many restaurants, baked dishes like lasagna and quiches are prepared in advance and frozen. When ordered, a slice is removed from the freezer and defrosted in the microwave. Most of the time the dish does not warm up evenly and it is cold in the inside. Not so at La Lasagna. Come to this restaurant for absolutely fresh and delicious food. Lasagna, the way it was intended.

LaLasagna - Pizza Lasagna may be the namesake, but the restaurant offers many other Italian dishes. There is pasta with sauces, and delicious looking pizza. Don't hesitate to take your children to La Lasagna which is a great family restaurant.

The restaurant menu offers a full page of luscious looking desserts with pictures. If I as not counting my sugar granules I would have surely indulged, but unfortunately i had to pass. Another time.

Salads: NIS 39 - 58, Soups: NIS 29, Pastas: NIS 39 - 64, Lasagna: 49 - 64 NIS, Pizza: NIS 44 - 58, Desserts: NIS 25 - 48.

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