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Cafe Landwer
Cafe Landwer
Cinema City
10 Yitzhak Rabin Blvd. , Jerusalem
Telephone: 02-9912255
Kashrut: Rabanut Yerushalayim Mehadrin

Open Sunday - Thursday: 8:00 am. - midnight. Fridays 8:00am - 2 hours before Shabbat. Opens one hour after Shabbat. Closed Shabbat.

Cafe Landwer

December 2016
Cafe Landwer, Cinema City Jerusalem offers a winning combination of a full dairy menu, charming decor, great views of Jerusalem and convenient location with parking. Enjoy quality meals at Cafe Landwer from breakfast, snacks, through a late night dinner. Landwer has many branches but the branch in Cinema City is the only kosher branch in Jerusalem. Note the kashrut is mehadrin under the hashgacha of Rabbanut Yerushalayim.

About The Cafe Landwer Menu

Give your day a great start with one of the famous Landwer's breakfasts. "The works" includes eggs, salad, tuna, cream cheese, feta cheese, guacamole, labaneh with zatar and chickpeas, halvah spread, yogurt with granola and honey, fruit jam, butter, your choice of bread, fresh juice and coffee. This is the famous Landwer coffee that put them on the map. Smaller breakfasts are various configurations of the above. Landwer's pancake breakfast served with fruit salad, whipped cream and real maple syrup will remind you of home. The Middle Eastern Shakshouka breakfasts will remind you where you are.


Cafe Landwer's breakfasts are enjoyed throughout Israel. But did you know that Landwer also offers sandwiches, pasta dishes, and fresh fish dishes. There is also a pizza menu and vegan dishes. You can only imagine the desserts, or can you. There are some 20 different desserts including the classic Italian favorites and several French and European choices.

Sandwiches come totally vegetarian or with an egg omelette, tuna or salmon. Have your pasta with just about every possible topping. The list is long and enticing, and you'll have to come back several times to try your possible favorites. Skip right down to the "Pan" section of the menu for the Landwer cooked specials. The Pan section offers salmon, sea bream, chraime, and our favorite, fish and chips. If you want to stick to vegetarian, the Pan menu also offers Sweet Potato and Ginger Patties on a bed of Spinach and Chickpeas served with rice and green salad.

No need to have a full meal. Landwer offers snacks. Crispy Halumi cheese fingers, herring, or chips. Sounds just right for a sit-down after a movie.

The Cafe Landwer philosophy:
Landwer prides itself on using only fresh quality ingredients and is of the belief that good food requires attention and investment. All dishes are prepared fresh from the moment you order. Landwer uses only the highest quality raw materials, without compromise. For example, the bread is hand-made from the highest quality flour, salt, grains, plus a secret ingredient that they do not disclose. Landwer breads do not use preservatives or flavoring. They believe that good bread requires no artificial additives, just basic quality natural materials. The same goes for every other dish produced in Landwer kitchens.


The Landwer chefs are trained professionals in their field. They go through various company training programs and courses. The energy that Landwer invests in its staff passes from the barmen to the cooks, to the waiters, straight to you, the customers, and is reflected in the delightful dishes and Landwer style.

award winning croissant

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